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Northern Arizona University Goes Digital with ID Cards and Delivers a Unified Campus App Experience

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One of our partners, Northern Arizona University, recently announced that their students are now among a very few in the world who can add their student ID to Apple Wallet on their iPhone and Apple Watch. 

The newly integrated, fully digital IDs work everywhere the old, physical ID cards do – granting them access to campus facilities and resources such as transportation and the gym, entry to their residence hall, and payment across campus with card funds – all with the contactless tap of their iPhone or Apple Watch.

That’s pretty cool. And as of today, fewer than 30 schools offer that level of integration and convenience. 

Part of providing this bleeding-edge new feature meant ensuring the information and deployment process was easy to use, and putting the new feature  – called the Digital JacksCard – right where students and the NAU community would expect to find it – on their all-in-one Modo-powered campus experience app, NAUgo. 

Having it all on the app means no random web addresses to cut and paste, no intermediary downloads, and no unnecessary verification steps. It also means that, for most students, the way they learned about the new ID functionality was the same place where they could get it. That’s power and convenience and, just as importantly, it’s what today’s students demand from their school’s campus app experiences. 

Because NAU trusts Modo Campus for their flagship campus app NAUgo, they’re able to leverage a best-in-class, no-code-required application platform designed specifically for higher education institutions. The power of our platform, as well as our close partnership with both Northern Arizona and TouchNet, NAU’s campus card vendor – meant that development and rollout of this feature made the entire process smooth and successful. 

“The ability to add your digital student ID to iPhone and Apple Wallet using your Modo-powered campus app is game-changing functionality for schools wanting to deepen their engagement with mobile native students,” said Stewart Elliot, our CEO at Modo. “Northern Arizona University is leading the way in delivering the truly integrated, unified campus app experiences that today’s students demand.”

While this new feature deployed by NAU may be new and unique, the ability to build your own branded, tailored, and highly personalized campus app experience with Modo is not. Today, more than 300 colleges and universities use Modo to centralize and deliver a wide array of services and tools including learning management resources, course enrollments, emergency communications, health & wellness, event notifications and ticketing, campus tours, wayfinding tools, and now digital IDs.   

We at Modo are proud of our role in helping NAU make the campus experience better, easier and more powerful for their students, even behind the scenes. In fact, that’s really how it should be. Students don’t know who makes their campus app work, they just need to know it does. And at NAU, it now works that much better than before.

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