A central hub of information and tools to navigate today and beyond

  • Interactive wayfinding and visibility that informs decisions

    Navigate outdoors and in, use interactive maps to locate colleagues and friends, check the density of shared spaces, take virtual tours and more. An at-a-glance view shows each user their daily schedule and where they need to be.

  • Seamless reservations and instant access to everything

    Streamline and coordinate bookings for work and study spaces, meals, parking and transit with pre-set preferences and friend lists. Automatically release no-show bookings to optimize space. Ensure safety with health self-assessments, touchless mobile entry, and sanitizing checks.

  • A Localized experience and personalized communications

    Your app is the hub of communications with localized mobile alerts, real-time messages and policy and process updates triggered by beacons and geofencing. Conduct in-app surveys and quick polls for instant feedback and nudge user behaviors.

  • Dashboards that drive behaviors and set users up to succeed

    Go beyond facilitating to elevate your students or workforce with personalized dashboards to keep them on track and motivated around progress-to-goals with integrations to enterprise/campus systems like SIS, LMS, JIRA, Teams, and more.

  • Deepen engagement, spark collaboration and foster culture

    Unite on-site and remote users in a digital experience that connects them to your workplace or campus and each other. Enrich their journeys at critical moments like orientation, enable social sharing, gamification, and commerce with a marketplace to deepen their ties.

Why Modo

No Coding Skills Required

Anyone, regardless of technical skills, can deliver a function-rich, branded app in weeks and update it to keep it fresh.

Exceptional service & support

Our golive customer support team is available 24/7 to make your app a success on launch day and beyond.

Deploys at enterprise scale

Elastic AWS infrastructure ensures that as your user population grows, so does capacity.

A truly unified end-user experience

Modo is the only platform that unifies all must-have digital campus or workplace experiences

Designed for rapid launch and iteration

Evolve your app at your own pace, easily adding functionality and endless integrations to meet your organizations' needs.

Development & content management

Only platform that empowers organizations to invite subject matter experts to contribute and participate via agile workspaces.

Workgroups + granular delegation

Empower your domain experts to build and maintain your app, while speeding development and ensuring compliance with Institution policies.

Powerful and comprehensive security

Scale your app to multiple locations and hundreds of thousands of users, while ensuring maximum protection of digital content and personal information.

Supports commercial marketplace

Create a safe and secure tailored digital marketplace empowering your student or employee community to buy and sell items and exchange funds.

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We set you up to succeed at every step.

The extended Modo community is there throughout your journey supporting you with starter kits, launch plans, design templates and sample code, adoption acceleration, tech support, and full customization. We’ll go as deep as you want to. It’s all about the art of the possible.

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We set you up to succeed at every step. - Modolabs