"A first-class mix of strategy and services."

That's what our customers are saying on Gartner Peer Insights. They rate Modo 4.8 stars out of 5, and 92% of them recommend us for delivering top-notch customer service and innovative easy-to-use and manage solutions.

  • Why Modo for the IT Buyer
    From bottleneck to enabler
    • Go from idea to app in no time. Develop an easy-to-manage app much faster and at lower cost with Modo's no-code/ low-code app-building platform.

    • Enable collaborative development. Engage domain experts across the organization to develop must-have experiences and accelerate app evolution.

    • Easily crowdsource innovation. Harness app surveys and other features to keep your app experience fresh and relevant.

    Why Modo for the IT Buyer

    "Because Modo enables me to delegate app-building responsibility to key stakeholders on campus, I can ensure the app is up to date and focus on my other projects."

  • Why Modo for the Citizen Developer
    Anyone can be an app developer
    • Easily create a mobile app. No technical skills necessary using the intuitive, no-code Modo platform.

    • Gain creative freedom. Build out content and deploy the app on your own timeline.

    • Transform the workplace/campus experience. Easily address everyone's needs using a platform designed with workplaces and campuses in mind.

    Why Modo for the Citizen Developer

    "The ease of the Modo platform makes it my favorite tool by far. The abundance of training videos and no-code nature of the platform mean I can quickly and easily update my app with no formal coding training or experience."

  • Why Modo for the Pro Developer
    Innovate to your heart's content
    • Customize at will. Expand beyond out-of-the-box capabilities by adding unique coding that lets you integrate with virtually any resource or service.

    • Cut development time in half. Take advantage of out-of-the-box modules designed for the campus and workplace experience along with support for customization to enable fast development.

    Why Modo for the Pro Developer

    "On top of the numerous out-of-the-box modules and integrations that come with the Modo app-building platform, XModule and XComponents allow me to incorporate new tools and resources so I can completely customize my app."

  • Why Modo for Student Affairs
    Easily connect with mobile-first students
    • Engage mobile-first students. Whether students are on campus or learning remotely, keep them connected with timely information and engaged with student life.

    • Send timely and relevant push notifications. Agile communication capabilities allow you to schedule and send notifications in minutes to the entire campus community, to select groups (e.g., students vs faculty vs. prospective students), and to those who opt in to certain communications.

    Why Modo for Student Affairs

    "Modo Communicate enables us to customize messages to groups of our community and personalize messages - and that has driven an increase in app engagement."

  • Why Modo for Strategic Business Decision Makers
    Drive digital transformation faster
    • Unify the campus experience When your campus goes digital, you need a platform that unifies the digital campus experience. As an all-in-one, no-code platform, Modo makes it easy to launch and maintain a campus app that puts all resources at the fingertips of your campus community.

    • Personalize. From students to faculty to alumni and friends, you can personalize the app for each of your audiences to streamline everyone's access to the right tools and resources.

    Why Modo for Strategic Business Decision Makers

    "With Modo, we created personas for each of our audiences and curate information so that they have all the resources they need - and only the ones they need - in the palm of their hand."

  • Why Modo for Workplace Experience / CRE
    Easily connect people with the necessary resources
    • Connect employees with essential resources. Connect employees with all the tools and resources they need to be successful, regardless of where they are working.

    • Ease day-to-day employee life. Empower employees to do everything from catch a shuttle bus, reserve a desk, and find a coworker to pick a local lunch spot and book a meeting room - right from the palm of their hands.

    Why Modo for Workplace Experience / CRE

    "I wanted to ease the daily lives of my employees and occupants, and our Modo Workplace app is the best tool to accomplish that."

  • Why Modo for Corporate Communications / HR
    Empower your business and community
    • Deliver a modern, personalized workplace experience. Tailor the digital workplace experience to each user with personalization that helps you win the talent war, boost employee engagement, and streamline essentials like communication and onboarding.

    • Seamless integrate with third-party providers. Integrate with virtually any outside data source to provide your users with access to all tools in one centralized location.

    • Streamline communications to employees. By harnessing powerful communication tools, you can easily send push notifications to all employees or select ones.

    • Create a personalized employee dashboard. Centralize all the resources new employees need in their first days, weeks, and months, and motivate all employees by giving them access to in-app dashboards that help them track their individual performance.

    Why Modo for Corporate Communications / HR

    "Our Modo Workplace app has empowered us to ease employee onboarding, streamline communications, and boost employee engagement."

"It's the best platform I've found for creating, managing, and providing a mobile experience to my campus."
Marty Klubeck
Product Manager at the Office of Information Technologies, University of Notre Dame
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