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Workplace Sustainability: Why Mobile Matters

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From environmental issues to pay equity, many of today’s conversations are turning attention towards the corporate world. Larry Fink, one of the world’s largest asset owners and CEO of BlackRock, recently stated, “society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose. To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.”

This recognition from well-known leaders in finance is resulting from a long-time transition amongst consumers and employees. People are making decisions, such as accepting a position or making their next purchase, based on their perception of the brand. Spurred by an employee-led workplace, companies are stepping up to invest in sustainability and corporate responsibility practices.

Yet, the challenge remains, how can a company effectively achieve company-wide adoption and communicate the purpose of these initiatives in a way that builds trust with employees, customers, and investors alike.

Make the Most of Your Investments

A workplace app can serve as an informational tool that educates audiences on any topic, including efforts to address lack of diversity in the board room or ramp up of pro-environmental business guidelines. If, for example, your company is rolling out revised hiring practices that address pay inequality, updates and news about the process can be shared in a company blog and featured within your app. Consider the power of mobile, today’s must-have workplace resource, to promote and celebrate these crucial efforts, from sustainability and beyond.

Proven Mobile Strategies

Encouragement from Leadership: Similar to most successful company-wide efforts, hearing directly from leadership captivates the workforce and aligns company-wide priorities. Have your leadership speak to why sustainability is important to the company and the actionable steps that are being taken.

Communicate Consistently: Use push notifications and in-app banners to notify employees of new information, such as environmental guidelines around printing and recycling, and keep them engaged.

Use Engaging Visuals: Post videos, photos and blogs that highlight the company’s social giving efforts including leadership encouragement videos and photos from volunteer events.

Make it Social: Share feeds from sustainability leaders of your company to further drive environmentally conscious behaviors within the workspace and encourage social sharing among employees.

Gather Employee Feedback: Include employee feedback forms to keep on top of perceptions, especially with more conversations that directly impact the individual including pay equity and diversity, and course-correct if a specific initiative isn’t working.

Provide Resources: Your employees don’t just want to see that their company is making a difference—they want to make an impact as well. Share information on company recycling, hydration stations, and green-friendly transportation like LEV/EV parking, Zipcar, and bike shares.

Create a Corporate Responsibility Calendar: Provide employees with dates for team-building initiatives centered around social giving and sustainability. With real-time updates to your app, ensure these dates are always current and eliminate reasons for adoption drop off, such as confusion to lack of information.

Measure Company Impact: Activity trackers have become popular tools for people to measure their actions. For environmental efforts include an in-app company carbon footprint and/or recycling tracking dashboards so employees can follow the company’s progress and feel connected to any improvement.

Display Pride in Public: Taking steps to improve each of these areas is meaningful, not just to employees, but to your customers and investors. Within the same app, create a public view so stakeholders and workplace visitors can read about and sign on to support your company vision for a better workplace.

Establishing a sustainable and socially responsible workplace that is manageable for the long-term can be challenging. One of the most critical drivers of success is employee buy-in and awareness. Ease how your workforce stays connected to your efforts by implementing these mobile strategies with Modo Workplace™. Request a demo today to learn more.

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