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Up Your Recruiting Game With Mobile

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Getting out in front of prospective students and breaking into new markets is top of mind for many higher ed institutions. As the demographics of potential college goers grow and shift, many institutions are turning to new technologies to support a more successful recruitment and application season.

When you’re looking at your recruitment strategy for the next class of students, consider how mobile can help you build your college brand, stay in touch with prospective students, and funnel candidates through the application process.

Reach new target demographics

Expanding recruitment efforts will be crucial to filling a new class, as universities across the country address declining enrollment from historically assured demographics. Many institutions are prioritizing recruiting in new geographic areas and diversifying their student bodies across all backgrounds. However, reaching new communities, including many first generation students or returning learners, requires a significant change in recruiting strategies.

Mobile enables you to effectively reach prospective students worldwide with one centralized communication channels that equips candidates with the information they need to gauge whether your school is a good fit, whether they are interested in applying, and—when they choose to do so—how to apply. When prospective students download your mobile campus app, direct them to a tailored persona that informs them of upcoming recruiting events in their area (with information on how to get there, what they’ll learn, and more), potential areas of study that fit their interests, and requirements for applying. Targeted prospective students on mobile with a personalized experience meets them where they spend their time, decreases the barrier to them learning more about your institution, and creates an entry-point for you to continue communicating with them throughout the application process.

Increase brand visibility

Mobile is an efficient entry-point to distributing engaging content that highlights your college brand and the campus offerings that make your institution unique. With Modo Communicate™, deploy push notifications and in-app banners to highlight new content releases, such as blog posts, student features, and more. Rich notifications can be highly effective for showcasing new video or multimedia content, landing engaging communications directly on the homescreen of prospective students.

Keeping your brand in front of prospective students will continually remind them of the many ways in which your school would be a good fit for them and help ensure that when application deadlines approach, they are submitting their application.

Communicate regularly with prospective students

Once you’ve introduced yourself, don’t let communications fall off and ensure you stay top-of-mind. A centralized communications strategy incorporating your mobile app, SMS, and email notifications, all accessible directly on their phones, will keep your school on the radar of prospective students throughout the application and consideration process.

Your mobile communications can span both logistical and inspiring content. Reminding students of upcoming application deadlines with timely push notifications. By integrating third party data into your app, you can tailor and target highly-relevant messaging to individual candidates. For example, let them know if you have yet to receive their test scores with a personalized push notification, automatically triggered by their user data on file. Direct them to information about moving into their assigned residence hall, or send them information on a scholarship they are qualified for. Communicating regularly helps prospective students stay on top of the application process, cuts down on applicant stress, and creates more positive experiences all around.

Enhance special events

Special events, such as regional recruiting events or Preview Weekend, are a great way to connect with prospective and admitted students. Make the most of these in-person opportunities by enhancing their event experience with mobile. With Modo’ NSO (New Student Orientation) Starter Kit, a ready-to-go, highly customizable special event module, help students navigate to the event location with indoor and outdoor mapping, find event offerings with an up-to-date agenda and connect with your school’s social media feeds to share their event experience. Using beacon technology from one of Modo’s partners, you can highlight special features of your campus, like the new engineering building, for campus visitors when they are in proximity. Follow up after events with photos, event highlights and next steps, all available in the app.

It’s easy to update and switch out special event modules within your campus app, as the platform requires no technical skill to administer and managing modules can be delegated across campus departments. Events like Preview Weekend are your time to shine—make sure you’re maximizing on these opportunities and making it easy and exciting for admitted students to choose you.

Energize admitted students

The period between college decisions and when students move-in to campus is a critical period for making students feel a part of your community. Capitalize on student excitement on accepting their admissions offer with opportunities to be engaged with campus, before even stepping foot on campus. If students feel part of your college community before their first day of class, they are that much more likely to be retained and have a positive college experience. Fortunately, a mobile campus app makes it easy to keep your brand new class of students engaged throughout the spring and summer.

Use Modo Communicate™ Opt-In to create messaging channels for the new admitted class, or even create separate messaging channels for admitted students by regional location, helping them connect to class welcome events and more. Connect admitted students to social media feeds and allow admitted students to submit photos directly through the app, capturing their excitement claiming your college logo as their own. As New Student Orientation approaches, ensure you have a NSO module set up and connect new students with their orientation leaders and all the move-in information they need to have a successful transition to college life.

Mobile can help your institution stand out, demonstrating you care about meeting prospective students where they already are—on their phones—and making their college experience engaging and rewarding. Request a demo of Modo Campus™ and learn how a mobile campus app can up your recruiting game.

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