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Understanding the ROI of Your Workplace Mobile App

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Facing fierce competition for top talent, leading organizations are increasingly making the digital employee experience a priority. Those that succeed reap the rewards and win! According to Gartner, satisfied workers are 16 percent more productive and 18 percent more likely to stay with the organization.

What’s key to attracting and retaining top talent? Employees are far more engaged when their employers make them feel involved and provide easy access to the resources they need to do their jobs.

While straightforward enough, this concept can be challenging to bring to life. That’s because a growing number of employees are telecommuting, whether working from home, from the road, or the field. According to a recent study, more than 50 percent of employees telecommute at least half the week.

When a company has employees in locations around the country, a mobile app can be an important central hub for everyone to instantly access all company-wide information. Creating a workplace experience that connects remote workers to the organization inclusively and productively is no easy feat. But what if you take a step back and consider meeting your employees where they already are?

Though each might be handling different responsibilities, almost every employee is increasingly using some type of mobile device throughout the workday. A 2016 survey from CareerBuilder found that 70% of employees keep their phones within eye contact at work. Rather than reprimanding employees for being on their mobile devices, savvy organizations are capitalizing on this by delivering the workplace resources employees need right to their phones.

A mobile-first, digital workplace puts all the right tools and information in employees’ hands, on-demand.

Creating a Connected Workplace Experience

So, what does a workplace mobile app look like? It can include everything from reserving a hot desk, managing job performance, reporting a broken copier, finding available parking spots, being instantly notified of meeting delays or weather-related cancellations, and more.

A workplace mobile app creates unity among an organization’s staff. Rather than expecting workers to use several different platforms to access key information, providing them with a single app reduces complexities and gives them time back in their day. When companies streamline these processes, they are providing their employees with the resources they need, without the hassle. 

Understanding the Value Behind a Workplace Mobile App : 3 Ways Mobile Boosts Workplace ROI

When you consider that finding and training replacements is equivalent to the cost of six to nine months of an employee’s salary, the urgency to retain workers becomes crystal clear. With a workplace mobile app, you are providing your employees with a tool that will enhance their overall productivity, engagement, and happiness.

As workplaces evolve to support remote and flexible work environments, mobile apps are an increasingly important tool for organizations to ensure that they are meeting the rapidly evolving needs of their workforce.

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