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The Country’s Largest Community College Systems Goes Mobile

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With more than 80,000 students enrolled in its 40-location network, Ivy Tech Community College describe in a podcast how they’ve rolled out a mobile campus app to help keep students informed, engaged, and on track to achieve academic success. With the goal of standardizing on a single app building platform that would allow each of the 40-campus locations to provide a unified experience, while also localizing the information and services that mattered most to their students, they chose Modo Campus®.

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Ivy Mobile, the digital connection to Ivy Tech, was launched at the beginning of the Fall 2019 academic year and has been received with glowing reviews by its thousands of users. Downloadable from the App Store and Google Play Store, users are immediately prompted to select the campus of their choice, which dictates the specific resources they have access to. From the basic information, such as student and faculty directories, campus maps, key dates, and dining options to targeted text notifications, safety alerts and personalized academic dashboards – Ivy Mobile helps students maximize the campus experience by putting the most relevant and valuable resources at their fingertips.

Tune into this recent Ivy Tech podcast to hear an in-depth interview with Scott Woodall, Director of Software Development at Ivy Tech Community College, to hear how they were able to:

  • Integrate with Banner and Canvas, their student information and Learning Mgt systems, respectively, to provide a mobile view of the weekly schedule of courses, grades, academic records, account balances, as well as daily and weekly assignments and course performance.
  • Connect to campus safety information, outdoor maps, indoor maps of various buildings.
  • Last, each location, although they are currently very similar, as the mobile app grows over time, each campus and location will evolve to have a far more unique experience based on the needs of their student body and institutional needs and goals

Tune in to hear the full story.

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