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Return to Office Checklist

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Help Employees Navigate the Changed Workplace

During the past year, employees worldwide showed that they could keep productivity high while they shifted to an all-remote model, and 83% of executives agreed. Now companies are asking them to adjust again and return to the office, either in part or in whole, which begs the question: What is the role of the office now if remote work is proven effective? 

A PWC survey indicates both executives and employees believe that the office is where people collaborate best. Harvard Business School scholars also see the office as a primary means for connection, advising companies to “make days in the office meaningful and focused on connections, both scheduled and serendipitous.” 

Supporting Employees in a New Experience With Your Mobile Workplace App

Under hybrid models, the demands on the in-office experience have not just changed — they’ve grown. As the workplace evolves to include intentional opportunities to connect and engage, and a need to support new health and wellness requirements,  the workplace app must also expand beyond productivity tools to enable all that the office needs to be. Here are a few of the mobile app use cases companies are prioritizing today to help their employees transition successfully while making the most of their dynamic spaces.

Help employees self-navigate reoriented physical spaces 

  • Include virtual tours so they can experience spaces and processes before arriving
  • Enable them to set up workspace preference profiles to streamline booking rooms and desks
  • Provide interactive wayfinding to navigate outdoors and in and check density
  • Give each employee an at-a-glance view of their schedule and where they need to be; and the ability to manage all facets of it seamlessly from a single UI
  • Enable localized alerts triggered by beacons and geofencing to keep messaging relevant 
  • Include health self-assessments and touchless mobile entry to ensure safety

Provide opportunities to connect and collaborate

  • Make coworker locations and schedules visible so colleagues can sync office time and find each other easily
  • Enable opt-in profiles where employees can list interests and be searchable to engage with others who share those interests
  • Integrate chat apps like Slack to enable employee connections directly through the workplace app
  • Nudge behaviors with reminders to schedule real-world meetups in addition to virtual chats
  • Enable opt-in maps of employees’ remote locations and associated tools to facilitate neighborhood meetups for those interested
  • Regular surveys and polls for feedback on the workplace app/experience and updates on progress
  • Integration with corporate marketplace and/or branded items 

Foster employee success

  • Personalized dashboards motivate around progress-to-goals
  • Gamification capabilities to motivate desired behaviors — polls, awards, rewards and badges
  • Open walls or boards to post recognition, kudos and thanks 
  • Tools for on-line and in-person onboarding and training
  • Persona-based messaging in addition to in-app corporate communications

With Modo’s app-building platform, tools like these are just 30 days away, in a unified interface employees love to use. 

As the workplace evolves, the key to successful transitions and ongoing agility is flexibility. A full-featured, easily updatable mobile app, with tools to support a range of hybrid models and choices, can be your employees’ companion in the entire experience — driving productivity, fostering connections and collaborations, and setting them up to succeed.

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