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Prepare Your Mobile-First Workplace For Emergencies

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The modern workforce is taking ownership of redefining what employees expect of their employers, from how they stay connected to what defines their trust in the company. While benefits like flexible work hours and paternity leave have strengthened this partnership, a sense of safety and security solidifies trust and reliability in leadership. When crisis happens, from power outage to severe weather, and your employees’ safety is at risk, leaders are forced to rely on their existing technological infrastructure to deploy the company’s Emergency Action Plan (EAP).

Last year’s severe weather conditions tested the need for advanced preparation. Consider several of the world-class research and development institutions in Texas and Florida that were impacted. Years ago, their leadership deployed mobile apps, powered by Modo, to effectively communicate with their on-site community. Collectively, with over 150,000 individuals on-site or commuting during the storms, they used these proven communication resources, alongside their other emergency response procedures, to quickly communicate, organize, and respond to the situation.

Prioritize delivering a centralized mobile solution for your workplace now, so that it can deliver as a communications channel in emergency situations. Learn how workplace leaders are deploying on-demand access to company information with mobile and shifting their communications strategies to ensure their workforce is prepared for the unexpected.

Manage a mobile response within your app

Companies that are reluctant to adopt a single workplace app often have a misguided understanding that it takes years to develop and extensive internal resources to deploy and maintain. When having an established, on-demand, company-wide mobile resource is a key component of your emergency response strategy, there isn’t time to wait for a custom solution. The Modo Workplace™ platform is designed for the agile workplace and has been effectively deployed in weeks. This unparalleled speed is made possible by our scalable and secure infrastructure, out-of-the-box integrations, and the virtually code-less app creation which empowers people across the organization to contribute.

When you have a solid baseline for mobile communications in the workplace, you can easily leverage the platform for emergency communications. IT, Marketing & Communications, and Safety departments came together through the Texas institution’s app to communicate updates prior to and during Hurricane Harvey. Take a similar approach by bringing your internal groups together and delegating instant in-app information updates and email and push notifications to an this emergency response team.

Prepare your mobile-first community

From new hire building tours to room booking, empower employees to navigate their day through the app to supply them with the skills they’ll need when faced with an emergency. The best approach to effectively engage employees and strengthen self-serving skills is by personalizing their mobile experience with content and communications that support them in achieving their goals. Insights from Modo Analyze™ help track engagement trends and can identify improvements that will continuously improve how you drive the behaviors that best prepare your workforce.

Equipping your community to be confident and informed in their actions, is never more important than in crisis situations. When Hurricane Irma hit Florida, one institution delivered hourly instructions on where to go and how navigate to safety, instead of just a call to evacuate. Through the app, they were also able to coordinate resource distributions, supporting their community of over 70,000 as well as visitors that were on-site during the storm. By deploying an engaging and informative community resource, their users knew where they could access the information that would guide them to  safety.

Inform and alert impacted employees

A powerful mobile platform for your workplace is ideally situated to be the control center of your company’s emergency response. An effective EAP should leverage every communication channel used across their workforce to ensure employees are aware of the situation and to track if they’re safe. During the hurricane and flooding last year, the same institution in Texas deployed numerous push notifications, sent through Modo Communicate™, to alert and inform over 25,000 daily users. Their app saw 10x more traffic during the emergency than the week before, with over 50% of engagement coming directly through these push notifications.

The ability to target experiences with your mobile platform allows you to tailor your emergency communications to be more effective across your community. Disasters can affect one geolocation of an enterprise business, with the remaining majority of the company left wondering what to do to help, or worrying that it may happen to them next. Through dynamic segmentation by location, provide impacted employees with the information they need to get to safety, or to guide others to safety, and communicate with the rest of your workforce to build trust in how the company reacts to these difficult situations.

How you choose to react to an emergency is up to you and your company’s leadership. By partnering with Modo, these institutional leaders were able to leverage their existing mobile-enabled infrastructure to prepare those impacted and direct them to safety. If, like them, you recognize the need to advance your emergency response strategy with a workplace app, learn more by downloading our ebook, Mobilize a Reliable Workplace Emergency Response. If you’re ready to act today and deploy an app in weeks, request a demo.

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