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Mobile Strategies For Digital Transformation Success

Create Personalized Mobile-First Experiences for Your Campus - Modolabs

Delivering a successful digital workplace is challenging. Many companies get caught in a vicious cycle which creates barriers to key strategies that drive company growth, from workplace enablement to employee engagement. Innovative teams get lost in evaluating which initiative will be most impactful or insightful and by the time of launch the project is over budget, or worse yet, the experience delivered is no longer relevant to employees. This approach is failing even the most creative and technologically advanced teams, and as a result your company is falling behind.

Leadership is now looking to mobile as the transformative tool that enables rapid innovation while supporting change management. They understand that a company needs more than a product; they need a partner that can guide the transition. The Modo team partners with our customers, including Fortune 500 companies, to drive the modernization of employee interactions within the workplace, bridging your engagement and workplace strategies. Discover the mobile strategies that empower these companies to innovate experiences and deliver long-term success.

Think Mobile-First

Don’t focus solely on meeting the tactical demands of today’s employees. Invest your time into a long-term strategy for success that is flexible to unpredictable transitions in technology and workforce demands. While our current view of mobile usage may be disrupted by new designs and functionality in the coming years, mobility will be embedded into how people function for generations.

Adopt a mobile-first mindset with Modo Workplace™. The technology leaders working with this platform started with a vision for a future in which mobile-driven productivity doesn’t end when an individual enters the workplace. Instead, they encourage and support employee use of this universal tool by making it the go-to company resource. Deploy a first iteration to meet employee needs in weeks and partner with the team at Modo to envision your company’s future connected workplace.

Crowdsource Your Personlization

Now that you’re thinking mobile, imagine if you—or anyone in your company—could create new mobile experiences on a daily basis, experimenting with techniques that personalize, even individualize, content and communications for the employee. Unparalleled personalization doesn’t need to be a vision of tomorrow’s workplace; all of this is possible through the Modo Workplace™platform.

Empower a generation of new leaders to be engagement experts and transform experiences for the audience they know best. Expanding your innovation team to crowdsource expertise across departments and locations allows you to more effectively tailor experiences. Manage this increased volume of content and communications with governance and delegation features, including assignment, review requests, and approvals.

Analyze Expectation Vs. Experience

The current disconnect between what employees expect and what they experience in practice is one of the biggest issues in today’s workplace, resulting in a disengaged workforce and high turnover rates. Saying that you’re going to invest in improving experiences is easy. Actually knowing what is critical to employee success is often challenging to pinpoint. Fortunately, the tools to find out are at your disposal.

Conduct a survey, focus group, or webinar to better understand where the company can improve. Each of these efforts are streamlined for quick iterations with Modo Workplace™. Create an employee feedback survey, an opt-in only communication channel for the focus group, and promote an upcoming company-wide webinar, all through the app. Analyze the collective insights, combined with mobile behaviors from Modo Analyze™, to determine which gaps remain between workforce expectations and their experiences.

Curious to learn more about how Modo Workplace™ unlocks mobile innovation? Download our blueprint for success.

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