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March Modo User Group Meeting Recap: All About SIS 

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Modo partner N2N joined us on the March MUG call to dive deep into integrations of student information systems (SIS) like Ellucian Banner and Ethos, Canvas, and more, using their Illuminate platform.

Modo Campus & N2N Illuminate

Colleges and universities use N2N’s integration cloud platform and Modo’s low-code app building platform to connect their many data sets, tools and apps, and integrate them into a solution that allows students to access their financial data, course work, grades, academic resources, and housing, and to interact with their teachers, advisors, and tutors; connecting to all their campus activities in a single app experience.

N2N’s Kiran Kodithala and Nicolas Colbert gave the MUG an introduction to the Illuminate architecture and its powerful APIs for authentication, financial aid, faculty, information and students as well as client-built APIs. N2N essentially builds bridges that enable the Modo platform and a school’s SIS to communicate the info needed directly to Illuminate, which acts as a translator to make sure each system gets the data it needs.

STLCC’s vaccination incentive program app

St. Louis Community College’s Khouloud Hawasli shared the process of working with N2N and Modo to deliver an app to support the College’s vaccination incentive program – in just five weeks. The app enabled students, faculty, and staff to quickly, easily, and securely upload vaccination proof, while a backend process attached and indexed the documentation to each individual’s student or personnel record, enabled validation by authorized reviewers, and sent notification back through the student or staff information system, so each person could check the status of their approval within their private record. Incentive payments for approved submissions were deposited directly into student and employee accounts.

The quickly-delivered app contributed to a successful program that drove a 67% increase in confirmed employee vaccinations compared to pre-incentive numbers and a 235% increase in students. You can read more about that project here.

Fast onboarding and project execution

N2N gave attendees a feel for the onboarding process for Illuminate, and a representative timeline for a typical Banner integration project.

March22 MUG Call - Implementation Timeline Graphic

The group had many questions that N2N answered on the call – and kindly put in writing for any Modo users who may have missed the March MUG. Here they are:

Does N2N have any Integrations into Workday?

Yes. N2N has built APIs directly with Workday using their APIs. One tool we built gives you the ability to keep Workday’s work system in sync with Banner.

What kind of APIs are your student and registration APIs? Are they created by N2N?

N2N has a metadata API that works between all the systems. The underlying implementation might look between the different systems like Banner or Banner Ethos. N2N’s registration API is like metadata but underneath it, it invokes a business object. Illuminate acts as both the translation and transformation layer to connect the student information system.

If there is something built for registration, how do you stay in sync with what Banner releases or what comes through APIs through Ethos?

N2N is an Ellucian partner. We also host an Ellucian subscribe sandbox for N2N where it keeps all the Banner and Ethos updates in sync and we certify all our adapters (database and Ethos) on these sandboxes.

If you are using an Ethos data model, how will you combine the database and API approaches?

N2N can build our APIs and treat the direct IIG solution as if it were any homegrown system. As an example, if we take the person’s object in Ethos and call on that then in our middleware, a translation layer puts it to a common schema for N2N to use so it won’t be necessary for the other side to do that. After that, we output it in the schema that you desire. Since we are a partner, that is pretty consistent. We know exactly what the Modo screens need from the API information.

If we were using N2N, would we have to start over?

It depends, we have certified builds that can be installed, but when it comes to Ethos it is different. Ethos works the way it works. Sometimes there are extended tables that we need you to do but our on-staff subject matter experts can help you. It depends on which student experiences are already built. It is better to take the already built applications and use them as-is because it is cost effective and it also gives you a lot of value as you will know there is continuing investment going into these applications.

To use Modo Campus do we need to have N2N middle layer integration? Or can Modo directly call Banner objects?

Modo’s platform is incredibly flexible. There is nothing that will prevent you from building your own XModule application and template. N2N provides a preconfigured template application. Applications that are built are created in collaboration with Modo and our customers.

Don’t miss the next MUG! Join us May 4 at 2pm ET here.

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