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Invest in Success: 3 Ways Mobile Boosts Workplace ROI

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Mobile is an unstoppable driving force in the workplace. Companies have recognized that this unparalleled tool is no longer a distraction or a nice to have; mobile has become an essential part of productivity and communication in today’s corporate world.

How you choose to leverage this tool is up to you. Innovative workplace leaders, responsible for well-known global brands, have come to Modo with a vision for a mobile-first workplace that connects employees to the company in a way that empowers employees and drives success for the company.

What could this mobile-driven success mean for your company? While what defines holistic workplace ROI is still evolving, employee insights captured through mobile can help you better understand the value behind the monetary return. Consider the proven strategies below that highlight which employee variables can inform and guide your next real estate investment.

1. When companies grow beyond capacity or invest in modernizing their practices they often consider relocating; a chance for a fresh start with new amenities, more space and the ability to project a new image as a tech leader with a state-of-the-art building. This can often be a long process for corporate real estate leaders, as the technology supporting the move at the beginning can become outdated by the time employees make the move.

A mobile app, powered by Modo Workplace™, provides adaptability to future shifts in technology and rapid deployment of new experiences. With company-wide usage data, measure employee engagement throughout the move. When combined with in-app surveys and other data collection methods, such as our web-to-lead integrated forms, you can measure success from the employee’s point of view. Determine how effective your efforts are in practice by comparing these insights to your original goal of streamlining workplace efficiencies in the new space.

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2. Whether the thermostat is broken, a stairwell is not in service for the month, or there’s a leak in the ceiling, most employees don’t think about their workspace until it gets in their way of getting work done. This disconnect leads to inefficient management practices, such as employees trying to remember how to submit an issue, giving time for said issue to become much worse.

Mobile brings together your workplace services and employee engagement efforts into one solution by integrating your facility system directly into your mobile app. Deploy a mobile communication strategy to ensure employees are aware of building safety practices and the most recent building upgrades, and are equipped with an efficient system to speedily report an issue. Once you have a communication strategy in place, your company can easily measure on-the-go usage and adoption with Modo Analyze™, a product of Modo Workplace™. These insights, from app traffic to time on screen, help identify new opportunities to streamline processes, further enhancing ROI.

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3. Whether as a new employee, a remote worker who is in-office for the day or an employee visiting from another location, it can be challenging to find your way around a new office.

Workplace leaders are using mobile technology to enable personalized experiences that ease nerves in a new place. For example, beacon technology can trigger a “Welcome” or “Welcome back” message and direct new or visiting employees and office visitors to an interactive indoor wayfinding tour, available from one of our IoT partners. Maybe the majority of your workforce is remote and when they visit the headquarters it’s difficult to track their usage of certain spaces or amenities. Leverage anonymous people tracking in conference rooms, kitchens and more with our partner, Density. The success of these collective efforts, from the employee engagement perspective, are tracked and measured through your Modo Workplace™ platform. These insights, combined with partner data, can answer whether your investment in digital workplace technologies directly assisted employees in having a more productive experience. Start using these real insights to define what ROI means to your company.

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To learn more, download our Connected Workplace ebook for the steps your company can take to deliver a dynamic mobile-first workplace, in weeks instead of years. Ready to see what Modo Workplace™ can do for you today? Request a demo.

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