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Introducing the Modo WorkReady Solution

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Empower employees with a location-based dynamic mobile experience to confidently return to the workplace

As companies prepare to welcome employees back to the office, it’s essential to keep them feeling connected, informed, and safe. To do so successfully, it is critical that employees understand and comply with new guidelines and protocols – even as those change – so they can focus on being productive. A mobile app is the single most effective way to share timely information, provide easy access to critical resources, and adjust quickly to continually changing circumstances. Modo WorkReady is a purpose-built dynamic mobile app building solution with real-time, proximity-based alerting capabilities for companies and institutions to deliver a localized experience and ensure returning employees are empowered and prepared for anything.

Learn how leading companies are preparing their employees to return with a workplace app and see a demo of an employee app powered by Modo WorkReady.

Be WorkReady with a return to the workplace app built in hours—no code required.

  • Deliver an intuitive and branded app experience that drives behaviors of returning employees to keep them confident, connected, and safe
  • Send targeted communications by office location and individual employee with Bluetooth beacons and geofences
  • Quickly adapt to changing environments with agile, real-time app deployments
  • Delegate content and message creation with approval workflows

Modo WorkReady is built on the industry-proven Modo Workplace® platform, enabling you to expand WorkReady into a holistic, unified employee experience app that engages and connects your distributed workforce.

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