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10 Ways to Keep Your Hybrid Workforce Connected

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Whether some or all of your employees work remotely, you need to keep them engaged and equip them to succeed. A growing number of organizations are doing just that by leveraging their mobile employee experience apps as the new digital workplace.

Here are ten ways you can do the same by calling upon best practices that Fortune 100 brands use to unify their distributed workplace with a single app.

  1. Provide one-tap access to resources and tools

Let your employees stay productive and focused on the job at hand by putting needed tools and resources at their fingertips. With your mobile app as a central hub, they can easily access health self-assessments, a remote worker toolkit, IT support, in-office access to PPE, socially distanced space reservations, and more. 

  1. Engage remote employees

In a distributed workplace, you need to rethink how you engage each remote employee and enforce their connection to your company and each other. Use your branded employee workplace app to promote photo-sharing contests or to offer a gamified experience that encourages social interactions. You can even use your app to bridge physical and virtual experiences.

  1. Meet the needs of your global workforce

A Modo-powered mobile app helps you engage employees wherever they are located. Deliver experiences tailored by geography and location, such as local weather, directories, maps, resources, and parking, to name a few. 

  1. Build trust and prepare employees to return

Before welcoming employees back to the office, use your app to build confidence around a safe return and reassure returning employees. Use features like in-app virtual tours and self-health assessments to help them get comfortable with the return.

  1. Consider the whole employee 

Strengthen engagement and show that your organization is committed to providing a great experience for employees. Through your app, connect employees with affinity groups and special interests, and provide them with easy access to critical resources that map to their lifecycle with your company. 

  1. Build workplace culture digitally

With more people working remotely, your digital app is how you can build and enforce your culture. Focus on what will help employees feel most connected to your company’s culture. It could be as simple as short engagements through gamified and quiz content, or connecting them to shared experiences like virtual happy hours, photo sharing, and contests.

  1. Crowdsource innovation

With the no-code/low-code Modo app development platform, anyone can build out your app. That means your company calling upon its employees to help develop the best app experience possible and keep content up to date.

  1. Personalize the employee experience

To ensure employees don’t tune out notifications or even delete your app if they receive too many messages that aren’t applicable to them, remember these five Ws of messaging:

  1. Who should receive it 
  2. What the message will say
  3. When they should receive the message 
  4. Why they should receive it
  5. Where they should be to receive it (i.e., is it relevant to their location?)

9. Motivate desired behaviors

People respond better to positive reinforcement than to reprimands, so use your app to nudge desired behaviors. Maybe employees need to respond to open enrollment by a certain date, or sign off that they’ve read your latest safety and well-being policy. In-app notifications are the equivalent of a tap on the shoulder and friendly reminder. 

10. Measure what matters and respond

Make informed decisions about evolving your app to satisfy employee demands and interests through in-app features – including Quick Polls – that let you gauge usage and user sentiment. You can even watch engagement in real time and instantly make changes.

For more on each of these ten best practices, download our ebook.

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