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How Workplace Decision Impact Brand Loyalty

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In a time of constant connections, consumers expect transparency and companies are delivering, sometimes in unique and creative ways. Take, for instance, Proctor and Gamble’s brilliant “we both know this is an ad” Super Bowl ad for Tide. The consumers’ in-the-moment awareness and public feedback influences future brand decisions, from messaging to how the product or service evolves.

Transparency often results in great exposure when the company controls the narrative. Yet, when these efforts are mismanaged it becomes a risk, to the brand and bottom line. One study found that 80% of customers refuse to buy from a negatively reviewed business. Consumer trends are frequently reflected in the workplace, as your employer brand becomes increasingly crucial to overall perceptions of your brand. Candidates and employees are bringing this desire for transparency into the workplace, holding employers accountable for the decisions they make. 

Let’s take a look at the decisions that have the greatest impact and consider how mobile enables risk management.

Invest in First Impressions

Over 80% of leaders acknowledge that employer branding has a significant impact on their ability to hire talent, according to LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends Report. From a negative interview experience to a non-existent on-boarding program, employees share these experiences on Glassdoor and Indeed. These sites are where your ideal candidates are validating whether they want to apply, interview, or accept your offer. Connect your brand and workplace through a mobile app, powered by Modo Workplace™; guide the transition from candidate to employee, creating positive interactions from initial interest to training and skill development in the crucial on-boarding period. 

Promote a Culture of Wellness

Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report found that “more than half of employees (51%) say they are actively looking for a different job or watching for opportunities.” Common drivers behind disengagement and turnover include unmet expectations around corporate culture and work-life balance. This disconnect often leads to a poor perception of the company. Convey your culture-building initiatives, from employee-led programs to diversity and inclusion committees, through your mobile app. Announce company milestones and leadership decisions that have a company-wide impact to be as transparent as your brand. Modo Workplace™ can socialize these thoughts and ideas with one another and build a brand voice around social awareness and transparency. With the app, avoid alienating your remote workers and those with flexible work options by addressing their challenges and tailor in-app content to support their unique work-life balance. Collect in-app data and survey employees to gather feedback and ensure you’re intelligently driving the success of these efforts.

Reaffirm a Sense of Security

PwC found that 87% of customers will take their business to a competitor if they don’t trust the company to handle their data responsibly. Leadership isn’t waiting to find out how this trend impacts the workplace. Most companies are increasingly investing in protecting against cybersecurity threats. Yet employees don’t always read, let alone follow, guidelines. If employees are unaware or take the wrong step, the fallout can be devastating to brand reputation. Not only will critical, and often proprietary information, be exposed, but trust in these security initiatives will be broken. Personalize these guidelines to capture your workforce’s attention by displaying customized content, such as department-specific tech guidelines and in-app upgrade reminders. Further tailor their experience and avoid creating a sense of fear by only alerting employees directly impacted in cases of localized breaches.

84% of executives surveyed believe that the CEO should handle reputation risks. In today’s global market, this expectation is unrealistic. A mobile app, powered by Modo Workplace™, has the power to crowdsource this responsibility, empowering experts across your lines of business to communicate and celebrate workplace decisions.

Your overall brand, including your employer brand, is impacted when you’re not actively engaging employees or meeting their needs. Empower your company to take control of brand perceptions, both internally and externally. Learn more about building a connected workplace that bridges cross-functional goals, or request a demo today to see it in action.

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