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How Students Built an App in 24 Hours

Create Personalized Mobile-First Experiences for Your Campus - Modolabs

Modo Labs aims to enable must-have, digital experiences for higher education by putting code-free app creation directly in the hands of students. The Ideathon™ is a weekend-long competitions full of fun and innovation where students take their ideas and build them into an app – no coding skills necessary. Each Ideathon™ is hosted and organized by a school which seeks to promote team building and creativity on campus.

The first ever Ideathon™ competition kicked off at Florida State University where students from over a dozen different majors came together to build their ideas on how to improve their student experience into an app in 24 hours with no coding skills.

The Ideathons™ continue this spring with eight other competitions at schools across the country. The winners from each university will compete against each other for a national prize of $10,000 to be awarded at the annual Kurogo Mobile Conference in Cambridge, MA in June.

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