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How Millennials Shape Working Transformation

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Millennials are trailblazers who quickly adapt to leading technology. They’re also quick to discover—or create—innovative and resourceful approaches that boost company productivity. They bring a tremendous amount of passion to their job. This is a generation that wants to make a difference and believes they can.

Millennials want to know: What are my company’s goals and how can I help achieve them? To them, technology can answer these questions in addition to supporting their career paths. With their unique personality attributes, there is an expectation of social openness, transparency, and immediacy in everything from online shopping to navigating their daily work routines.

For these reasons and more, business leaders are seeking innovative ways to engage and integrate the millennial mindset within the workforce. Here’s how this unique tech savviness is paving the way for workplace transformation and innovation through mobile.

A Sense of Partnership

Millennials resist traditional top-down management. What they want is a greater sense of involvement, purpose, and accountability. Many of them were brought up with open discussion and inclusion in family decision-making—which has carried over into workplace expectations. Contributing to the company mission is a high priority, and they expect to participate.

Empower them to contribute to your company’s mission with the right solution; Modo Workplace™ which is built for inclusion. Delegation allows departmental administrators to create and own their content, such as a wellness or mentorship program, and enhance it over time. Customizable forms capture feedback and help in understanding real-time workforce needs. Since developing the mobile app doesn’t require a technical background, anyone can contribute to how a good idea evolves into a great workplace solution.

Flexible Working Environment

Millennial job seekers crave a flexible schedule and remote options. They appreciate an environment that makes it possible for them to work anytime, anywhere. According to a recent Deloitte survey, 84% of millennials report some degree of flexibility in their organizations, which they see as a sign that the company respects and invests in work-life balance.

Both remote and field workers require the flexibility that comes with mobility. Whether they’re checking their schedules while away from the office, navigating a new headquarters, or aligning online time with their boss’ time zone; one workplace app, Modo Workplace ™, simplifies how they stay connected. Additionally, Modo Communicate™ creates a sense of community by including on-the-go workers with tailored messages from department heads, project team leads, or even the leaders of clubs and organizations.

Corporate Learning Opportunities

Corporate learning is key to attracting and retaining recent graduates. Millennials are eager to develop themselves and expect guidance, training and help with developing transferable skills. Well-structured learning and development programs allow knowledge to pass across a multi-generational workforce, creating an ideal workplace and culture.

Automate a process that will keep millennials in the loop. From training programs to career development pathways, a mobile app created with Modo Communicate allows hiring and training managers to schedule push notifications and in-app banners that announce new programs or a new job opening, even if the new position is in a different department.

Community Service and Activism

Company culture is a top motivator for millennials and a significant part of that culture is the larger impact on society. In fact, millennials are more likely than Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers to expect their businesses to give back and support important social issues. When companies commit to donating a percentage of proceeds to charity or to organize an annual volunteer day, it conveys a higher sense of purpose and engagement.

When a company launches a community service program, its workplace app can encourage millennials to opt-in to in-app programs and communications. If they don’t have time to give back but want to know how the company is contributing to the community, they can tailor how they chose to opt-in to the company’s community service groups by choosing the groups that matter to them, such as a Diversity and Inclusion Council or a Make an Impact Day. They can also view news and social channels within the app to stay up-to-date.

Without doubt, the needs of millennials are shaping the future of the workplace. Yet promoting your company’s internal employee offerings can do more than meet the needs of a specific age group. Illuminating what makes your company a unique and exciting workplace will excite and engage employees across generations.

A mobile app is one of the fastest and simplest ways for companies to keep employees of all age groups informed and engaged. Modo Workplace™ easily transforms the employee’s mobile-first experiences by incorporating company data sources into pre-built modules that deliver a beautifully branded and personalized app. Enhance employee engagement with what matters most, such as company news, building maps and company directories. Request a demotoday.

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