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How Campuses Empower Environmental Sustainability Efforts

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On the last roundtable call and blog post we shared about the best apps of 2020 in the categories of Health & Wellness, Recruiting and Admissions, New Student Orientation, and more! This week, we’re starting a new series inspired by the Appademy Awards’ categories. The first topic will be Campus Marketplace and more learnings from the roundtable that took place on July 9th.


  1. Delivering a distributed NSO experience is possible: There is so much going on and schools don’t want students to miss anything, whether they are on campus or remote. Features like “Discover Campus”, clubs, job fairs, and all the things they need to know as new students and the start of their student life, both academic and personal, can be delivered through the app.
  2. Supporting the return to campus or the office with in-app health self assessment feature: Users fill this out before they travel to campus or the workplace. The benefits of doing the survey through an app is that communications and push notifications are used to nudge the user. This way, they are constantly reporting any symptoms that might put the rest of the community at risk. 
  3. Digitally empowering environmental sustainability efforts: Reducing campus waste, receiving and offering donations, and affordable items for students are some of the ways that campuses are leveraging a sharing economy to support sustainability on campus. Modo Marketplace allows campuses to facilitate a secure, flexible, and simple commerce with a unified experience on their phones.
  4. Student organizations and student lives are made easier through a centralized campus marketplace: Clubs, student organizations, and student involvement departments use Modo Marketplace to manage student activities and centralize their financial activities (donation drives, bake sales, collecting membership dues) all through a distributed campus environment.

On the next call and blog (in a month) we’ll share more on recruiting & admissions and new student orientation, and more of the Modo User Group’s key learnings.

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