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Expanding Mobile Apps for a Unified Experience of the Hybrid Workplace

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A year of working remotely has changed the workplace. Work isn’t ‘where we go’ anymore — it’s ‘what we do.’ But data shows it’s not just working remotely that employees want coming out of the pandemic. An survey found that 73% of employees deeply value the ability to collaborate, socialize and engage with company culture that they experience working in the office. Employees want to choose where they need to be. Consistent with results across industries, Forbes cites a Growmotely employee survey indicating that 97% don’t want to return to the office full time and prefer some degree of flexibility, while a Gartner survey of 127 company leaders found that 82% planned to permit remote working at least some of the time after reopening offices. Employees are returning to a hybrid workplace that likely operates differently than before.

With the critical importance of employee experience, organizations are challenged to extend the ‘glue’ that the office provides across the hybrid workplace so that all employees, regardless of where they choose to work, have a unified experience of company culture and equitable participation in the business, and so the organic conversations that lead to innovation can continue. Employees will now need to plan their in-office time to make the most of it, coordinating with colleagues, clients and social opportunities. And they’ll move around the office differently, in spaces transformed, sanitized and spaced for safety, with new processes and systems to reserve everything from desks to conference rooms to food and transportation. All of this change needs to be managed while making sure employees can easily navigate and control their experiences in the dynamic workplace. 

One Experience to Rule Them All

One mechanism nearly all employees have in common is their reliance on a mobile device. On average we pick up our phones 58 times a day, more than half of that time during working hours. Its ubiquity makes it the ideal virtual home for the employee experience — and mobile apps the interface that unifies the workforce in productivity, collaboration and corporate culture.

Modo offers the most powerful mobile workplace development platform available, including all the features a large-scale enterprise needs to securely deploy a first class solution very quickly. It’s out of the box ready with highly customizable features to address all key tasks employees encounter on a typical day and unlimited upside to discover and implement the art of the possible.

Hybrid Work Dynamic Needs Table graphic(Commute & Travel, Productivity & Scheduling, Lunch, Travel, Updates & Support, Wellness, Commute / Home)

Meeting the New Needs of the Dynamic Hybrid Workplace

Companies including Goldman Sachs, Okta, Schneider Electric and others are taking advantage of Modo’s platform to accelerate development of their already feature-rich mobile productivity apps to ease employees’ return to the office in the new hybrid workplace, focusing on tools that ensure they can:

  • Return with confidence
  • Remain informed and safe
  • Maintain social distance
  • Stay healthy
  • Collaborate and participate in the culture
Hybrid Work Dynamic Needs Table graphic #2 - Daily Health Attestation Visual.

Here’s an example of a daily health attestation tool Goldman Sachs created for its Canopy app:

Employees get a daily series of questions tied to COVID-19 and a list of symptoms. All are required to attest that they are symptom-free and have not traveled before entering the office each day. Upon submitting the form, the employee is presented with a badge that enables them to enter the building. Clicking on the badge is an easy way to show security guards that they are cleared for the day to enter the office.

Goldman Sachs hybrid workplace app
Daily health attestation and confirmation app experience

In the dynamic hybrid workplace, employees will come into the office with a purpose, generally around collaboration and socialization. Modo is enabling our platform with tools companies can customize to empower employees in new ways and boost the productivity of their in-office days. 

Key Collaborators

To help employees coordinate their in-office time with the people they need to work with and want to see, Modo will enable AI to create a default set of suggested collaborators based on work groups, past meetings, communications and/or other company-designated data points via integration with in-house systems, with contact and current/upcoming location info for each collaborator.

Manage your list of coworkers and collaborators

Employees have full control over this suggested list, with the ability to search for and add new collaborators, delete default suggested collaborators and organize their collaborator lists alphabetically or by priority, via drag and drop. On regular intervals, the key collaborators tool will also alert employees with a list of suggested collaborators they can choose to add. Employees can even opt to receive a nudge when key collaborators have scheduled in-office time in their default location so they can also plan an in-office day if they’d like.

Desk Reservation

New Modo capabilities help make the experience of booking a desk second nature. Employees can set up a favorite desk in their preferred location, with multiple  backups, to head-start the process every time. 

When they’re planning to come into the office, they can check to see which of their key collaborators may be coming in and where they have booked seating, select a seat nearby with the desired amenities, and book the reservation — for morning, afternoon, evening or all day.

Align your in-office schedule with coworkers in the app

Changing or cancelling a reservation is a simple edit – and releases the seat back into the available pool.

Conference Room Booking

The Modo solution is built to connect with your existing Accruent EMS, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Workspace to allow employees to easily view and book meeting rooms with the app. The app provides the ability to set defaults and identify available rooms that meet the needs of your hybrid co-workers. Employees can add a Zoom link for remote team members and choose from a pre-populated list of meeting rooms based on location, attendee profiles, and AV needs.

View, book, and release room reservations right in the app

Guidance and Resources

The hybrid office experience will be new for everyone. Modo provides templates for creating simple virtual video tours of the most common operations, wayfinding and access to services and resources, checking collaborators’ schedules and reserving desks and workspaces.

In addition to mobile apps being critical to employees’ experience of the new hybrid workplace, the data that they gather and produce is invaluable in helping operations managers plan and design space, food service, janitorial services and other aspects of the workplace that will be more dynamic and less predictable.

The workplace is evolving to support hybrid models. Mobile apps are ideally suited to helping employees navigate the new part-virtual/part-physical nature of work. Now, empowering people across the entire workday must include helping them navigate the changed physical workspace, collaborate effectively with remote and physically-present colleagues, and understand and feel confident in new health and sanitization practices. All of this must be simple and invisible to deliver the culture and conversation opportunities that drive innovation.

Modo can help.

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