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Enhance Engagement For Corporate Events

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Mobile is the preferred engagement channel in today’s digital world. Over two-thirds of digital media time spent on mobile is in-app. When these on-the-go devices are combined with a company app they inspire a workforce of self-starters, helping each employee navigate their day with the information they need, the moment they need it. Through personalized content and communications that stretch across the employee’s needs including facilities updates, conference room booking, company news and more.

Global companies are extending the value of their app by using the Modo Workplace™ platform to manage promotion and enhance awareness of special events and programs. By bringing your event information into your company app, you can segment events by location, department and other employee groups to ensure the announcement, details and updates are accessible in one location and only visible to attendees. Empower anyone across these segments to design and deploy special events in-app by delegating access. Encourage these app creators to provide users with a media-rich event experience including videos, social tools, event maps, transit information and photos.

Mobile apps can be easily created for any type of corporate event or program, but here are just five ideas to get you started.

1. Set Your Sales Strategy

Knowledge sharing and alignment is critical for effective sales teams. An all-sales event is an excellent opportunity to celebrate achievements, share annual learnings and plan for the year ahead. With so many team members coming together, often from around the world, keep everyone up-to-date on travel and logistics such as lodging and transportation. At the event, introduce gamification as a new sales strategy with an educational scavenger hunt, by integrating Badgr into your Modo Workplace™ app, to motivate and connect your sales team. In addition, offer personalized session and event information with maps and schedules so everyone is prepared and gets where they need to go on time.

2. Align Leaders

Corporate retreats, leadership seminars and similar events can build the foundation for your company’s future by aligning your global strategy. Encourage engagement leading up to the event with optional communication channels from Modo Communicate™ for those interested in receiving updates on specific strategic initiatives such as diversity and inclusion, technology consolidation across subsidiaries and setting up preventative, long-term cybersecurity policies. Provide a smooth event for your company leaders from the moment they walk off the plane by ensuring all of the essential details are accessible within the event app module, from travel and accommodations, to the schedule and sessions. Create lasting connections across leaders that continues after the event with a directory, social media feed and information about future team-building and networking opportunities.

3. Guide an Office Relocation

The first day in a new office, whether as a recent hire or as a visiting staff member, is often overwhelming. When you relocate to a new location the feeling can be similar for even the most experienced employee as it disrupts their daily routine and productivity. Ease their experiences by introducing them to the new space with an interactive tour that includes wayfinding and beacon triggered push notifications that highlight the new state-of the-art technology and amenities. Guide them with a checklist of important tasks such as packing up their desk or committing to one of multiple security sessions with the Director of IT. Integrate local food, fitness and other off-site amenities to encourage users to acquaint themselves their new surroundings. Discover more mobile strategies for a successful relocation from William Blair and their process for creating a company app and a relocation specific module to support their recent move.

4. Create Employee Connections

Bringing your staff together for wellness and team building is important when going through company-wide transitions or during a time of increased turnover. Fun-filled events such as picnics, holiday parties and other company social events can create a sense of camaraderie and engagement among your workers. This event is about your employees so be sure to give them a say in how it comes together. Send a push notification to announce the event and conduct a 1-minute, in-app survey to better understand their preferences for activities and food. Send another push notification when details, activities and transportation are finalized. Close the loop with another brief in-app survey after the event to see if employee felt it was a success and capture feedback to improve future events.

5. Open Enrollment

Insurance plans can be complicated and difficult to digest. Because of this, open enrollment can be a confusing time for your employees as they try to understand their coverage options and make the best decision possible. Let your HR team communicate dates for meetings and send out links to insurance information and similar resources. Create a checklist and offer a status reminder each time they check the app. Through third party integrations with your HR system, an app powered by Modo can send push notifications based on enrollment deadlines and help facilitate communication about the enrollment process.

The best corporate event apps are integrated into your current employee engagement strategy through your company app. This approach empowers event managers to take advantage of all of your available data sources and easily update and send communications, in real-time, without having to go through app store resubmissions.

Be a leader in mobile-first engagement at your company by enhancing the corporate event experience. Download our blueprint for transforming your workplace or request a demo today to see what Modo Workplace™ can do for you.

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