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Deliver Increased Value Through Real-Time Insights

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One of the toughest challenges facing higher education today is how to demonstrate value. When Gallup compiled all of their 2017 research and surveys, it boiled down into a short list of issues facing institutions. Central among these issues was waning confidence in the value of higher education. As tuition costs rise, students and parents are grappling with higher tuition costs and questioning whether the career benefits resulting from a college degree are worth the cost.

Expressing value quantitatively and qualitatively is difficult for many institutions. You can’t easily go back to a large pool of graduates and ask how their college experience turned out—whether they found meaningful jobs and fulfillment resulting from time spent at your institution. Even if it were possible, how can that information be harnessed to steer investments and program development for current students? Their needs are constantly changing and look nothing like those of students 10 years ago.

Battling Grim Statistics

When students don’t find satisfaction at your institution—or in higher education as a process—they leave. Forbes reports that just under half (45%) of students graduate from the first institution they attend within six years of starting college. Only 57% of students who enter college graduate from anywhere. One of the challenges facing higher education institutions is how to help students stay on track to complete their degree program and increase their engagement so that they stick around and graduate from your university. The best way to do that is through communicating with them in a personalized way and using their feedback to improve specific campus services and resources.

Treat Students as Stakeholders

When it comes to highlighting services, resources and campus events, your campus app is designed to engage your student body in real-time. The app makes it easy for them to access crucial information, stay connected to the campus community, and take advantage of your campus offerings, helping them maximize value across their college experience. Students are, after all, the most important stakeholders when it comes to expressing the value of an education at your university. Keeping them engaged through the app, asking for their input, and regularly evaluating their app use is the best way to put a finger on what they need in order to feel fulfilled on campus and stay on track with their graduation goals. For instance, ask for student input on how they felt New Student Orientation went, and how it could be improved for the next class of students.

Get Student Input with Mobile-Delivered Surveys

But the question arises, what is the best way to gather input from your most important stakeholders? Every student comes to your institution with a unique set of interests, goals, and aspirations—a successful college experience could take a diverse variety of paths across your student body. Your campus app is perfectly situated to land brief surveys on the home screens of your entire student body and incentivize them to submit their feedback. Integrating industry-leading survey tools, like Qualtrics and Survey Monkey, into your app, then sending timely push notifications using Modo Communicate™ is a proven best practice for gathering student input on campus initiatives, events, priorities and issues. Once you have gathered broad feedback through a student body-wide survey, form smaller student focus groups to further develop and organize campus initiatives.

Modo Analyze™ for a Deep Analytic Student Feedback

Gathering feedback through surveys gives you a holistic perspective on how you can improve the campus experience. Couple survey results with deep analytical insights through Modo Analyze™ to get a fuller picture on what students are taking advantage of, and what they are still looking for. The robust analytics platform gives you real-time insight on how students are using the app, what campus features are most important to their college experience—financial aid services perhaps? —and which locations they search most frequently. Take a deep dive into the content that is resonating best with your students, with insights on which articles are trending, what events they are checking into, and even the hours they are most likely to check their app.

Modo Analyze™ gives you the insights you need to prioritize app enhancements and other campus initiatives to better deliver the tools your students need for success. Make sure your campus offerings are aligned with, and exceeding, student expectations.

Share Results and Take Action

The immediacy of mobile communication and interaction means that you receive regular feedback and insights, when they are most relevant for taking action. Ensure cross-departmental staff are equipped with the results, so that they can apply learnings to their own initiatives. Report out on the surveys you initiate through Modo Communicate™. Send regular updates on app usage with automatic summaries generated through Modo Analyze™. Using the results of a holistic approach, using both surveys and analytics, you can focus your recommendations on campus groups that need more support and events that need additional promotion, and initiatives that are sure to deliver increased value across your diverse student body.

Knowing what students are thinking and feeling in the moment is crucial to delivering the campus experience they are looking for. Ensure they see continuous value in your institution by prioritizing the campus-wide initiatives identified as most impactful through real-time data and student feedback. Don’t wait to develop data-driven value at your institution—request a demo today and learn how a mobile campus app can increase the sense of value attached to a degree from your institution.

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