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Creating a Holistic Student Experience with a Unified Mobile App

Create Personalized Mobile-First Experiences for Your Campus - Modolabs

The newly-appointed University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) chancellor had a lofty and forward-thinking mission: create a mobile-first campus to connect its students to the campus resources used most. The UNCG IT team took on the task of replacing their old and tired app with an agile app-building platform, creating UNCG Mobile using Modo Campus.

The app launched just in time for the start of the fall semester and so far is taking off with over a thousand downloads in the week leading up to student move-in!

We sat down with Todd Sutton, the AVC for Learning Technologies and Client Services at UNCG, to discuss how they were able to bring together disparate systems in one unified place to support the needs of everyone on campus. Their goal was to address the whole student, not just the business of being a student, and they were able to do just that by putting everything their students needs in a single app.

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