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Connect Your Digital Workplace Ecosystem

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Every day new workplace technology is introduced to the marketplace. From VR to AI, it’s becoming challenging to decipher what is a trend, a faux and what will be transformative to your company’s long-term growth goals. What if you had a solution that empowered flexibility in experimenting with these new technologies, without disrupting the employee experience?

A seamless workplace app powered by Modo Workplace™ has the power to centralize your digital ecosystem and provide one access point for employees. Integrate legacy systems, such as HR benefits, native portals or facilities ticketing, as well as new innovative technologies, such as beacons and wayfinding. Envision a better approach to change management, driven by a cohesive digital workplace experience where your systems work together, and onboard an agile engine for workplace innovation.

Single Sign-On – From Fortune 500 companies to startups, today’s companies work across a wide-variety of systems, including employee services, databases, project management, and more. Most adopt a Single Sign-on (SSO) system to protect proprietary company information and ease employee access across systems. Integrate your SSO into your mobile app to further ease of security by requiring re-authentication within a time period that meets your company’s requirements. SSO also enables you to leverage stronger communication within these systems with rapid access and notifications across your organization.

Employee Communications – Employees have adapted to a multi-channel communication status quo, in both their personal life and work life. Modo Communicate™, offered through Modo Workplace™, pulls together communication tools into a centralized area for administrators across the company. Through third-party integrations, increase the likelihood of getting in front of your audience with a push notification or in-app banner message. Alert them to a missed conversation, without overwhelming them with alerts across their devices.

CRM – Large-scale data management systems are expanding to support more than just customer relationships., a Modo partner, has supported numerous companies in leveraging large-scale HR data to drive smarter decisions when it comes to better connecting with their workforce. With web-to-lead and web-to-case forms you can capture employee attributes in order to further personalize the mobile experience, leverage this integration and strengthen how you manage your relationship with employees.

HR Benefits and Payroll – How often do employees miss their benefit deadline or email HR with questions about payroll? Reduce these inquiries and create efficiencies by integrating your benefits system and send alerts only to employees that haven’t completed their enrollment leading up to the deadline. New in the most recent release from Modo Labs, XModule allows you to customize in-app content by pulling in any data source with individual, real-time information which can feed into an employee dashboard featuring payroll, PTO days remaining through EOY, and more.

Beacons – Most people turn location capabilities on to support them in navigating their days, with the convenience of seeing what’s nearby. Whether a new hire or a visiting staff member, beacon technology creates better interactions by supporting employees as they’re introduced to a new space.. Place beacons near the entrance of the building to welcome them and throughout the building to alert them to where they can find essentials such as the kitchen, bathroom and conference rooms. Set up these alerts, sent by Modo Communicate™, to direct employees to in-app conference room booking to further their understanding of how the office works. Combine these experiences and more to deliver a self-served tour, powered by your mobile app and beacon technology. With analytics of this technology, you can determine what areas are most popular and what locations are under utilized.

Facilities Ticketing – As employees navigate their way through the office they might encounter issues, such as a broken thermostat or a leaking faucet. When employees don’t know where to go, or the facilities ticketing system is buried within an overwhelming intranet system, they often don’t report these issues. Integrate your facilities ticketing into the app and place it on the homescreen or in “Key Resources” to remove any barriers to an employee reporting an issue. That way, issues are addressed immediately which leads to stronger facilities..

Through strategic partnerships across these core and emerging technologies, and more, Modo has established a realistic way to bring your digital ecosystem together under one experience. Experiment with new technologies by constantly deploying new iterations that improve upon these systems and ultimately deliver the best solution for your workforce.

Learn more on how you can streamline your company’s workplace technology by requesting a demo today.

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