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Build a Connected Alumni Network With Mobile

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Hats in the air, they did it! For most students, graduation comes with feelings of accomplishment and relief, and sometimes anxiety and anticipation for what comes next. Some already have jobs lined up, others are still in the midst of job searching. While you hope that all students leave campus after graduation with fond memories of their college experience, some are already comparing their student loans to their career goals and asking, “was it worth it?”

College loan debt across the country in now at $1.4 billion, more than what people owe on credit cards or cars. Doubts over whether a college degree is worth the cost have never been more prevalent. What are you doing to ensure your graduates see value in attending your college, well after they have left campus? It all starts with their student experience.

Start by building a sense of community on campus

Do your students feel part of a community or just one in a sea of students? Whether they’re living on campus or off campus, studious or heavily involved in extracurriculars (or both), creating opportunities for student engagement is crucial to students seeing value in your institution.

Regardless of differences in backgrounds, goals, or interests, connect your students to each other and to your institution with a robust communication hub that highlights student wins, drives campus initiatives, and equips each student with the tools they need for success on campus. While student communication is not the end-all be-all to student engagement, regular, personalized communications tailored to individual student interests can help deepen connections to campus clubs, departments and initiatives.

Don’t rely on email to create connection. With a campus mobile app powered by Modo Campus™, you can create an intricate web of personalized communications around each student, enhancing their experience on campus and ensuring they are able to take advantage of all the benefits your institution has to offer.

Connect students to your college brand

Are your students connected to your college brand, or do they see your institution as a means to an end? Branding is important not just for recruiting new students but also for developing student and alumni loyalty to your institution.

Increase brand loyalty to your institution by staying relevant, engaging your stakeholders, providing value, and soliciting feedback, all through a digital ecosystem that supports student success.

  • Stay relevant: Ensure you’re offering students a college experience that is relevant to the outside world by incorporating opportunities to learn valued career skills into their learning experience. Many institutions are now involving students in app development with Modo Campus™, creating opportunities for them to develop skills that will boost their resumes later on. Because Modo Campus™ doesn’t require a coding background to administer, these opportunities can be open to students of all majors.
  • Engage stakeholders: Your students are your institution’s primary customer and your primary stakeholder. Deliver timely, relevant communications to ensure you’re keeping in touch. With Modo Communicate™, deliver information on-the-go with push notifications about upcoming events, new campus stories and more.
  • Provide value: Do your institutional systems enhance the student experience or frustrate? Bring together all campus systems into one centralized hub to provide easy access to critical information and create a positive student experience. With Modo’s many integration partners, students can access everything they need, from grades to financial aid status to indoor maps, all through your mobile app.
  • Solicit feedback: Let students and alumni know that you care about their experience by asking them what they think. Short, in-app surveys can help you stay on top of trends, determine how you can better meet expectations, and give your diverse student body a way to express feedback on how your institution is delivering value (or not). Then, use these insights to create actionable enhancements to your campus offerings.

Don’t lose touch by making connections easier

Since you’ve already delivered a connected, mobile-enhanced student experience, your graduates are now accustomed to engaging with your institution through mobile. In fact, they’re likely already expecting it.

Create an alumni persona of the campus app to help ensure graduates remain connected to your campus, their peers, and your brand for years to come. In the alumni view, offer easy access to career services support offered to graduates, networking information like the alumni directory, and even special event modules for alumni events such as homecoming, reunions, or regional dinners.

Boosting student engagement with mobile has paved the way for a more connected alumni network. When students feel connected to your campus community, they are more likely to engage with alumni communications, reach out to former classmates, and even give back to your institution.

A strong alumni network doesn’t start by engaging graduates—it starts by engaging students. Deliver a connected campus that will engage students now, and drive alumni engagement for years. Request a demo today.

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