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Bringing PeopleSoft into a Unified Campus App

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The way students engage with campuses has changed dramatically. They may learn in classrooms, in other spaces around campus, or online, from anywhere. The unifying element is the campus app – which students expect will provide all the tools they need, as well as look and work like other mobile app.

In a recent webinar, the University of Akron showed how it responded to demand for a more student-focused experience by delivering a Modo-powered app they can expand and maintain easily. Today, students and staff can check email, submit timecards, check dining and shuttle hours, get personalized push notifications and even access PeopleSoft financial aid, add/drop classes, check grades and more, directly inside the UA Mobile app.

Steve Sedlock, ​​Digital Marketing and Communications Manager at the University of Akron, who drives and manages the UA Mobile app, noted that student input is what guides the direction and functionality of the app. Since launching it in 2018, he and his team have collected usage data as well as direct input, and “by and large, the number one most requested feature has been PeopleSoft.”

Steve approached Modo for a plug-and-play integration that delivered the key finance, academics, holds, progress indicators and other student information inside the UA Mobile app. Modo had partnered with RojoServe to apply its PeopleSoft expertise to the Modo XModule technology and deliver a fast, elegant experience, pre-built for campuses; just what the University of Akron was looking for.

In the webinar, Modo’s Robert Ratway went through a live demo of PeopleSoft capabilities the University of Akron is using, and how PeopleSoft works inside Modo-powered apps to deliver a ‘connected’ experience. Watch the webinar to see how the solution manages enrollment and registration, schedules, financials, grades, and profiles.

The University of Akron’s experience shows how important it is for campus technology to be agile and flexible. The Modo platform builds this in with an evolutionary approach. Start by engaging students in the campus and connecting them to each other, then empower them with basic functionality to propel them through their campus experience. Finally, elevate them with dashboards, personalization, and features like PeopleSoft that drive their success. Throughout the journey, you can lean on Modo and our extended community to help realize your own art of the possible.


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