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Activate a Smarter Workplace With Mobile Analytics

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Data and analytics drive everything we do, from tracking personal health goals on your fitness app to predicting the next five years of consumer trends. As a result of this data-driven world, people analytics has evolved from a “nice to have” to a “must have” within the workplace. Yet with the volume and breadth of employee data captured today, the question remains – what matters the most?

The answer — mobile analytics. Why? Your workforce is mobile. Today’s employees work remotely, have flexible work options, are in the field or simply on-the-go within the office. They navigate their day-to-day routines with a mobile device in-hand, ready to solve any obstacle that stands in their way. This pocket-sized device measures what matters to your employees, the moment it matters, and has the power to guide the purpose and priorities of your next generation workplace.

Never assume you have a clear understanding of what your employees need. Learn how to activate a smarter workplace, from space utilization to planning your next investment, with mobile analytics from Modo Workplace™.

Consolidate Tech Insights Under One App

Today’s workplace is not only enabled by technology but can be enhanced with technology. Whether measuring workforce progression over time or gathering an immediate count on the number of employees that enter a specific conference room, the span of your digital ecosystem or workplace technologies offer unique analytics that can’t be replicated.

However, you can consolidate engagement insights with these technologies. Bring them together within one employee access point – your workplace app – to measure traffic by module and gauge engagement and usage over time. Combine the power of mobile insights with device extension that includes desktop, tablets and more, to ensure a clear, real-time snapshot into the overall health of your digital ecosystem.

Track Daily Usage to Define Engagement Goals

Employee engagement is a critical corporate initiative across industries, but how you effectively measure and track engagement is a challenge.

When you make your workplace app your primary company resource, you can leverage daily usage and traffic behaviors as a benchmark for engagement goals. If you see a dip in daily app usage and it’s not around a national holiday, it could indicate an unmet need across your workforce. Let this benchmark and dips in usage empower you to quickly deploy an in-app survey or host a focus group to better understand what caused it. If it was triggered by remote workers not feeling connected to the content in the app, immediately correct and improve the personalization of their experiences. The power to positively impact employee behavior is in your hands.

Understand Behaviors to Influence the Future

Employee behaviors are the trends and patterns that define people analytics. Understanding these can identify ways to overcome workforce-wide negative behaviors, such as turnover or disengagement.

Most companies have experienced these negative behaviors such as slow adoption or lack of responsiveness as barriers to effective corporate communications. If your workplace app usage spikes the same day of the week, every week, more effectively roll-out critical announcements, such as system updates or benefit enrollment deadlines, on this day of the week. Further the impact by updating the in-app hero image or in-app banner through Modo Communicate ™ with critical announcement details.

Consider Search The One-Question Survey

Search is the most under appreciated tool within an app. It answers the question, what is missing or difficult to find? Something as simple as adding a directory could be a game changer in connecting people to others that they need.

As employees navigate their day, they might come across a facilities issue with three minutes to spare before their next meeting, but can’t figure out how to report an issue. Luckily, with their phone in-hand they search for report an issue and your facilities module appears. When you analyze your data end-of-month and realize 30% of your workforce searched for ‘report an issue’ or ‘facilities ticket’, you can rapidly deploy a new home screen that provides access to this module. This experience can be ones that drive employee success in their day-to-day work-life, as long as the search terms are made actionable.

Automate Insights to Loop in Leadership

Making insights actionable, in a way that is backed by budget and resources, is most effective when you clearly and consistently communicate these insights to leadership.

Instead of wading through big data, spending weeks synthesizing results and providing a dense report for leadership to decipher, automatically send the weekly mobile insights that matter to leadership, including daily usage, top content and most searched terms. Equip them to understand, regularly, what is most pertinent to the workforce and empower them to be a decisive leader that drives the success of the next generation workforce.

Keep Evolving with Employee Feedback

All of these approaches activate a smarter workplace through the power of Modo Analyze™, the robust analytics solution offered from Modo Workplace™.

Yet, if you still don’t get what you need from these dynamic insights, you can conduct an employee survey through the app. Whether with a micro-survey or our new web to lead form, which seamlessly integrates data into, directly ask employees themselves what’s working and what’s not. Give them space to provide honest feedback and analyze alongside your mobile analytics.

Want to learn more about Modo Analyze™ and how it can be the data-driven engine for your workplace? Watch our video below.

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