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5 Tips to Turn Your Campus App Into a Powerful Communication Platform

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Clearly, you’ve already bought into student engagement through mobile, but did you know the same platform you use to create a unified campus experience can also be used to send push notifications, in-app messages, personalized communications and more?

Let’s explore how you can maximize your Modo Campus app to increase mobile engagement with these 5 easy wins!

1. Share essential information and resources with in-app messages

Keeping your mobile audience engaged is a challenge for any app manager — especially when information is accessible from so many locations. Give your audience multiple reasons to check their app daily by prominently displaying new and relevant content that will keep users engaged and coming back for more.

Some examples of in-app messages can include New Student Orientation information, popular campus happenings, such as keynote speakers or events, or daily menu updates.

2. Have audiences opt-in to receive push notifications

A/B testing is the best way to determine the optimal time to request users’ permission to receive your notifications. For example, you may want half your users to receive the request immediately after they’ve downloaded the app and the other half may receive the request after they’ve been on campus for a week. Seeing which audience generates the highest opt-in rates allows you to measure and optimize accordingly.

3. Integrate with existing intranet and communication channels

A mobile app makes it easy for your students and visitors to stay connected on-the-go, with real-time access to the most used information and resources. Using out-of-the box modules, you can integrate with existing campus data sources, such as Blackboard, Moodle, Banner, Canvas or even your emergency notifications systems, such as LiveSafe, to create a holistic campus experience that simplifies the campus experience by placing the most used resources at students’ fingertips.

4. Use in-app banners to keep them coming back for more

Customized pop-up notifications that display when a user opens your app provides a great way to promote time sensitive news or on-campus offers. Although they are only seen when the app is in use, they do not require an opt-in process, and can be used contextually to drive the highest engagement.

5. Personalize Push Notifications

Personalizing push notifications can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want. Undergraduate, graduate and international students, for example, vs. faculty, staff or campus visitors want to receive the most relevant information possible. Segmenting them by audience type and requesting their permission to receive your notifications creates a fantastic opportunity for you to drive and measure desired outcomes and increase user engagement amongst specific audience segments.

An alert to attend a New Student Orientation can be sent directly from the app and simplify the process for you and your students.

To learn more about how utilizing Communicate can put your students on the path to success, watch the on-demand webinar and request a demo.

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