How to Improve Workplace Communication with a Mobile App for Employees

Can you quickly and easily communicate important news with employees, from emergencies to company events?  Can your employees share important information about their workplace experience whenever and wherever they are?

If you want to create a dynamic communication hub for your workplace, watch this webinar to learn how innovative companies are using mobile apps to enhance their connection with next-generation employees.

We’ll demonstrate how Corporate Communications, Human Resources, and other business managers can build a mobile app for employees-–in no time, with minimal IT involvement.  We’ll show how you can easily:

  • Share important information with employees through Push Notifications and use iBeacons and QR codes to send contextual messages.
  • Personalize communication with employees based on their role or office location.
  • Dynamically create new apps or modules for any event or activity and update these in real-time to ensure that employees always have the most current information.
  • Empower employees to provide workplace feedback through two-way communication mechanisms, while on the go.
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