Turn your app into a powerful communication platform

Modo Communicate dramatically increases app usage and loyalty by engaging users with timely, personalized, and actionable communications. Harness the power of mobile communication with Modo Communicate.

Introducing Modo Communicate

The dynamic new communication platform from Modo Labs that enables you to send highly targeted messages, schedule messages in advance, assign authoring and approval permissions across your organization, and more.

Introducing Modo Communicate

Learn what Modo Communicate can do for your organization.

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//This script prevents Marketo form submission if a user enters non-business email (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) //It will work on any page with a Marketo form, and runs when the form is ready //For further info, please see Marketo form documentation, http://developers.marketo.com/documentation/websites/forms-2-0/ //Prepared by Ian Taylor and Murtza Manzur on 9/9/2014