The Leading No-Code Platform for Higher Ed

Modo Campus® delivers the features and functionality your campus needs, all through an easy-to-use platform that enables you to quickly drive development.

One Unified Management System

Through one centralized solution, communicate effectively, iterate quickly, and delegate across campus stakeholders. The App Center brings together everything you need to launch and manage a mobile campus app to success.

  • Manage app content and deploy new features
  • Schedule and send communications with Modo Communicate™
  • Personalize experiences through personas, myPersona, and more
  • Use data from Modo Analyze™ to inform future enhancements

The Functionality Users Need

The platform is designed to deliver the resources students need, from their experience as a prospective student all the way through to as an alum. Choose from an extensive list of modules based on the specific needs of your campus and student body. Integrate the systems you are already using on campus, from your LMS and SIS to emergency alert systems, into one unified access point for all need-to-know information.

Discover a partial list of the modules and functionality available for you to customize to deliver what your campus needs most.

  • Courses – Allow students to view the course catalogue, plan schedules, add and drop classes, all within the app.

  • Admissions – More and more students have access only to mobile. Equip everyone with the same ability to apply to college with admissions materials in the app.

  • Learning Management – Integrate your LMS system to ensure students can stay on track of their coursework, deadlines, and grades.

  • Learning Resources – Support students in taking advantage of campus resources, from labs to advising offices, with information on availability and appointment booking.

  • Student Information – With integration with your SIS, your students can access personalized information on upcoming tuition deadlines, the status of their student account, and more.

  • Registrar – Student can order a transcript and access their student record, all through the app.

  • Transit – With shuttle tracking and up-to-date transit schedules, help your students get to class on time.

  • Parking – Provide real-time information on parking availability so that students can focus on what really matters.

  • Indoor Maps – Particularly useful at the start of a new semester, help new students and visitors find rooms with indoor mapping.

  • Maps – Help students and visitors navigate campus with mapping in the app.

  • Libraries – Ensure students are maximizing learning resources like libraries and computer labs with up-to-date information on printers, computer availability, and more.

  • Dining – From dining hall menus, to off-campus dining, to leftover free food, students always want to know where the food is.

  • Events – Campus events help bring the community together and foster connection. Deploy an events calendar in the app so students know what is happening on campus.

  • Move-In – Deploy a special module in the app to help new students navigate move-in. From checklists to logistics, ensure the process goes smoothly.

  • Laundry – Students love having the ability to check whether laundry machines are available remotely, leading to less wasted time waiting for machines to free up.

  • Athletics – Rally the fans with information on upcoming athletic events. You can even spin-up a special event module for the big game day.

  • News – Communicate campus updates by pulling news feeds into the app, so that students are sure to see them.

  • Social Media – Make it easier for students to share campus news on social media by putting social media feeds in the app.

  • Emergencies – Push notifications are the most effective way to reach students and the rest of your campus community in case of emergency. Integrate your emergency system in the app to keep everyone informed.

  • Notifications – Deploy push notifications to ensure your students aren’t missing anything and get information when it is most relevant.

  • Email – Email notifications in the app give students one launching point to access all relevant communications.

  • Messaging – Allow students to opt into messaging channels around specific areas of interest, like a fitness or parents channel.

  • Survey – Micro surveys, deployed within the app, are a great way to get quick feedback on new campus initiatives or areas to enhance your mobile strategy.

  • Alumni – Ensure your community stays connected and engaged after graduation with a persona view of the app specific to the alumni experience.

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