Empower Employee Success

Modo Workplace™ offers a unified mobile experience, bringing together the timely, personalized resources that drive each user’s success. This enterprise-scale platform, trusted by a rapidly-growing community of forward-thinking companies, powers your workplace app and is designed to guide your innovative path towards tomorrow’s workplace.

Enhance efficiency and productivity

Integrate essential features from multiple systems, including space utilization, facilities management, goal tracking, onboarding, payroll and benefits, parking and transportation, into a single app.

Reach your employees anytime, anywhere

Multi-channel communications deliver everything from emergency broadcasts to targeted personal and opt-in messages.

Intelligently increase long-term value

With advanced user behavior analytics and in-app surveys, create a closed loop of employee feedback that drives continuous innovation.



How Modo Works

Put the employee experience in the hands of your employees.

The intuitive, no code app center can be used by anyone across the company to create, analyze, and optimize your mobile-first engagement strategy. Combine with out-of-the-box building blocks to deliver your workplace app within weeks instead of months or years.


    Create a beautiful app that uniquely reflects your brand and culture.


    Build dynamic experiences and deploy instantly.


    Communicate in real-time to alert, inform, engage, and motivate.


    Personalize content and alerts based on location, role, and more.


    Analyze user behaviors to intelligently optimize your app.


    Delegate app creation across your company, from interns to executives.


    Manage all aspects from an integrated console.


    Integrate any data source to be projected in-app, in real time.

Simplify how your employees stay connected to your company.

Design a unified experience that is relevant, informative, and actionable for the individual’s needs, personalizing how they engage with the company, culture, and workspaces.

  • Welcome candidates, employees, and visitors with interactive tours, social media feeds, and brand videos.

  • Provide access to personalized resources including onboarding materials, in-app training, payroll and benefits, job alerts, and more.

  • Inform everyone, from on-site to remote workers, with multi-channel notifications including company and team updates.

  • Guide users throughout their day with indoor and outdoor maps. Use your people directory and beacons to help people find colleagues.

  • Simplify room booking and scheduling challenges with content from company-wide and personal calendars, agendas, and events.

  • Promote amenities, from food to parking to fitness centers, and extend beyond the office to include nearby options.

  • Support building repair notices with an in-app reporting feature, including pictures, that integrates directly into your facilities system.

  • Enhance in-app personalization by integrating any data source into a custom module, such as individual goal tracking or assigned tasks.

Case Study Transforming the Employee Experience with a Mobile App for the Workplace

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