Create Special Purpose Apps for Any Event or Activity

With our Publisher app assembly system, you don’t have to be a designer to create beautiful, visually stunning mobile apps. Nearly unlimited design options are at your fingertips with this flexible, easy-to-use console.

Create and update your app in real time so it is always filled with current actionable information. Your app can be standalone or be included as an individual module within a centralized Modo Campus™ or Modo Workplace™ solution.

  • Highlight student groups at your university
  • Welcome new employees to orientations
  • Create personalized experiences for each individual customer
  • Promote your upcoming events
  • and more!

Start engaging your audiences with beautifully-designed mobile experiences. Build branded apps for an almost unlimited number of events and activities.

The Modo platform offers a range of screen types, allowing you to build the perfect design for your app needs, with no coding. Plus, it’s easy to update to a new navigation screen. With Modo’s ease and flexibility of updating content and design, keep your app fresh, relevant, and beautiful.

  • spectraCollage – Our most flexible screen type. Create rich, varied content and navigation assembled from different types of modular content blocks, including rich media, data feeds, live web applications and more. Learn more.

  • spectraSpectra – Navigation screens with a unique, eye-catching design. When the user touches the screen to scroll, a semi-transparent scrim covers the entire screen and reveals secondary descriptive text for each navigation item.

  • spectraMondrian – A modular, grid-based, navigation-centric screen type supporting a wide range of visual treatments and functional style.

  • spectraSpectra Basic Springboard – Simple screen presenting navigation items as a grid of labeled icons. Can include an optional hero image.

  • spectraBig Idea – Highly visual navigation screen featuring a single, major call-to-action, with secondary navigation items in a pull-down menu.


  • spectraCard Navigation – Mixed static and feed-based content in cards of various sizes, within a highly visual layout.

  • spectraNewspaper – Highly visual navigation screen with a small set of primary navigation items, plus a small set of optional secondary navigation items.

  • spectraForm – Simple, flexible screen for gathering information from your users.

  • spectraList Navigation – Navigation screen presenting navigation items as a list of text links. Offers much richer visual styling than the Basic List screen type.

  • spectraContent – Simple text-based content with minimal styling. Can also be used for basic navigation screens.


Empower all university departments to mobilize their special events with Modo’s easy-to-use platform. Deploy in-app modules to communicate event information and enhance engagement. Universities everywhere are deploying Modo Campus™ for special events such as preview weekends, new student orientation, reunions and more. See some examples below of how you can deploy special purpose apps:

  • New Student Orientation (NSO) – Introduce new students to campus with an orientation app featured maps, schedules, and move-in information.

  • Commencement – Share graduation schedules, speaker info, and logistics with students and visitors alike.

  • Family Weekend – Help families navigate campus with maps, parking, and the schedule for the weekend.

  • Career Fairs – Empower students to pursue their dream careers with a successful, mobile-enhanced career fair.

  • Homecoming – Welcome alumni home with an app that drives them to reconnect and give back.

  • Athletics – Increase student engagement in support of campus athletics–bring out the crowd with mobile!

Publisher empowers anyone across the company to quickly and easily create apps for any corporate event, including meetings and conferences and trade shows. You can build out your app with maps, social, videos, photos, transit, parking, and more. The possibilities are limitless.  Quickly create a corporate event app for any important activity or program such as volunteer opportunities, wellness initiatives, sustainability week, fundraising activities and more.

  • New Employee Orientation – Empower new employees to self-serve as a part of their orientation. Add a FAQ screen to answer common questions and get them used to get them their new go-to company resource.

  • Open Enrollment – Keep employees on track with their benefits deadlines. Announce with a push notification when Open Enrollment is available.

  • Global Sales Meeting – Hosting a Global Sales Meeting? Allow employees that work closely with sales to opt-in to event communications and learn about emerging sales goals and strategies.


  • Summer Outing – Create an app just for your Summer Outing or Holiday Party. Include shuttle information, maps, menus, schedules, and more.


  • Office Relocation – Support your staff throughout your next office relocation. Offer move-in checklists, interactive tours and more.

  • Leadership Week – Bring your global leaders together for an annual week of in-person discussion that aligns the company on key corporate objectives. Create an engaging event that connects and inspires attendees with an attendee directory, corporate trainings, and more.

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