Keep Users Engaged and Informed with Push Notifications and Banner Messages

Push Notifications provide an immediate avenue for communicating and engaging with users, even when they are not engaged with your app. If used correctly, Push Notifications can substantially increase customer interaction and loyalty. Using Modo Campus you can create push notifications from an RSS feed, or write your own custom content.

Use Push Notifications to:

  • Alert users of campus emergencies or weather-related closings
  • Promote new features or modules in your app
  • Link directly to modules or pages in the app with additional information
  • Communicate with specific users based on their Location or Persona
  • Remind users of upcoming deadlines or other important dates; for example, application or benefits enrollment deadlines
  • Quickly share important news


Banner Messages can appear on your app home screen, throughout the app, or on specific pages.  Banner Messages can come from an RSS feed or you can write your own customer content.  You can even schedule Banner Messages to appear and disappear at predetermined times.

Use Banner Messages to:

  • Alert users to emergencies or weather-related issues, such as severe weather warnings
  • Promote current activities during a specific time-frame, such as Homecoming Week or a Leadership Meeting
  • Provide contextual alerts, such as a change in dining options within the dining module
  • Pre-schedule deadline reminders
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