Personalize the Mobile Experience with Personas and Locations

Create unique mobile experiences based on a user’s role or geographic location with Personas and Locations.  In Modo Campus, Personas and Locations are centrally managed, ensuring unified data and a consistent brand identity. They can also be updated and maintained by local staff or specific departments.


  • In the university setting, create a Persona for prospective students with an Admissions module, and another for alumni with ways to donate and network. Create a separate Persona for university faculty and staff with HR and benefits information.
  • Businesses and other organizations can create Personas based on departments or roles; the needs of a salesperson on the road may differ from an HR manager in the office.


  • Universities can connect campuses around the country and the globe with multiple Locations.
  • Large businesses can create different Locations for each of their corporate offices, with unique indoor and outdoor maps, transit, news, and dining information specific to each geographic location.
  • Using GPS data and geolocation technology, our solution allows your app to automatically detect users’ whereabouts and serve up the correct app Location

Push Notifications can be sent based on Persona or Location, ensuring important messages are communicated only with appropriate users.

Case Study

Learn how one large financial services firm improves communication across multiple locations.

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