Create an Amazing Hospital App in Just Weeks

Modo Workplace for Hospitals is a complete mobile solution for hospitals and medical centers that enables anyone to quickly and inexpensively create engaging hospital apps for patients, employees and visitors.

Easily build your own unique mobile solution–whether to educate the community on important health topics, improve patient satisfaction and retention, communicate with employees or enhance any other aspect of the hospital experience—with virtually no IT resources.

Build your app in no time. In a matter of hours, create your app by integrating existing data sources and choose from pre-built modules like LMS, SIS, transit, dining, news, and maps.

Customize your app. Easily customize your app to reflect your unique hospital or medical center brand.

Communicate effectively. Stay connected to your employees, patients and staff with timely, personalized, and actionable mobile communications. Advance your targeting with iBeacons, geofencing, and QR codes.

Create personalized experiences. Create different editions of your app for different hospital locations or personas such as patients or employees. Integrate iBeacons, geofencing, and QR codes to enhance your targeting.

Instantly update without the hassle. Update your modules in real time without resubmitting to the app stores. Or enhance the mobile experience by dynamically adding any Publisher-based custom event or program module to your central app.

Maintain secure communication. Integrate with your existing authorization approach for secure communication with doctors, nurses, and hospital staff.

Optimize for different devices. The platform automatically optimizes your app for different screen types, including tablets. Available for mobile web, iOS and Android devices.

Delegate app creation. Liberate IT and empower other non-technical stakeholders to participate in app development.

Choose from any of these pre-built modules to create a unique mobile experience for your hospital. There’s no need for users to ever leave your app since they can easily link to information included in any other module.

  • Find a Doctor – Give patients the ability to search and browse through lists of doctors. Patients can bookmark doctors for easy access to contact information.


  • Request an Appointment – Allow patients to be able to make appointments from their phone, quickly and easily.


  • Patient Education – Educate your patients about good health practices, specific conditions, or hospital policies and procedures with content and video.


  • Indoor Maps – Users can search and browse to find rooms, facilities, emergency exits, and more on fully interactive indoor maps.


  • Maps – Make it easy to navigate your hospital campus. Create maps with points of interest that are searchable, browsable and bookmarkable. Use pathfinding to create routes you want users to follow.


  • Dining – Make it easy for visitors to choose where and what to eat and plan meals ahead of time by giving mobile access to cafeteria hours, menus and more.


  • Facilities – Something not working? Anyone can report it if from a mobile device and attach a photo.


  • Transit – Ensure that employees can get to meetings and patients can get to appointments on time. View bus or shuttle routes and schedules with optional real-time GPS tracking.


  • Documents – Mobilize employee handbooks, standard operating procedures, online HR forms and registration, and more.


  • Calendar – Enable anyone to easily search, view and add events to your device’s native calendar.


  • News – Keep everyone informed with the latest news and information from multiple news feeds.


  • Photos – Display a library of images about your hospital. Integrates with Flickr, Instagram and Picasa.


  • Video – Provide mobile access to your important video content on YouTube, Brightcove or Vimeo.


  • Social – Provide aggregated mobile access to your hospital’s social media feeds.


  • Directory – Enable users to search and immediately link to contact information for any employee. Photos optional.


  • Publisher – Create any module in hours with no technical skills.


  • Tour – Connect with patients, families, and the community with a multi-stop mobile hospital tour with descriptive text, photos, videos, and links that showcase the innovative research and work done at your hospital.

  • Parking – Help patients and visitors save time and reduce stress by providing real-time information on parking space availability.

  • QR Codes – Share important news, announcements, and other content around campus. In a snap, users can access information on the go.

The only way to believe what our platform can do is to see it in action.

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