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Modo Campus™ is a complete mobile solution that allows you to quickly and easily create college or university apps that engage prospects, students, faculty, staff and alumni. Build and deploy your unique mobile experience to engage students at all points in the journey, from recruitment to commencement and beyond.

Rapidly build and deploy. Quickly create your app by integrating existing data sources into a module-based design. Choose from a wide variety of screen types that highlight your institution’s brand and further customize your app with the addition of special events or activity modules.

Personalize the user experience. Ensure you’re engaging everyone through Modo’s many layers of personalization. Segment your app using groups personas or further tailor the experience using known user attributes with Modo Campus™ myPersona. Advance your targeting with iBeacons, geofencing, and QR codes, or allow users to opt into messaging channels to receive the communications most relevant to their needs.

Enhance and optimize with delegation. Update your app in real-time, without resubmitting to the app stores. Modo allows you to easily switch out content depending on campus needs, or freshen up your look with a new screen type. Plus, because the app requires no technical skill set to administer, you can delegate content management across departments.

Choose from any of these pre-built modules to create a unique mobile experience for your school. There’s no need for users to ever leave your app since they can easily link to information included in any other module.

  • Agenda – Add a specialized calendar for conferences, trade shows and other single- or multi-day events, with support for multiple tracks and personalized schedules.

  • Athletics – Build school spirit. Students can find the latest news headlines, team schedules, scores and other information.

  • Calendar – It can be hard to reach all students, especially commuters, with important event information. Make sure they feel connected to the school and can find information about events while on the go.

  • Messaging  – Send important notices and event information to your community and attendees via Push Notifications or in-app Banner Messaging.

  • Computer Labs – Integrate with Lab Stats so users can easily find open computer rooms and available computers.

  • Courses – Give access to classes, assignments, grades, and other class-related information. Integrates seamlessly with widely used systems such as Sakai, Moodle, Blackboard, Brightspace and Canvas.

  • Dining – Make it easy for students to choose where and what to eat and plans meals ahead of time by giving mobile access to cafeteria hours, menus and more.

  • Directory – Enable users to search and immediately link to contact information for employees, faculty and students. Photos optional.

  • Emergency – Be informed of critical notices on the campus and get easy access to key emergency contact numbers.

  • Feedback – Something not working? Anyone can report it if from a mobile device and attach a photo.

  • Indoor Maps – Users can search and browse to find classrooms, offices, facilities, emergency exits, and more on fully interactive i

  • Publisher – Create any module in hours with no technical skills.

  • Tour – Deliver a rich, interactive mobile walking tour to showcase your campus experience, incorporating photos, audio, video, and text

  • Laundry – Integrate with LaundryView Monitoring Systems so students can effortlessly check washer/dryer availability from the comfort of their dorm.

  • Library – Students can find hours and locations, and search library catalogs, all without leaving the dorm.

  • Maps – Make it easy to navigate your campus. Create maps with points of interest that are searchable, browsable and bookmarkable. Use pathfinding to create routes you want users to follow.

  • News – Keep your community informed with the latest news and information from multiple news feeds. Share via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Parking – Help busy students save time and reduce stress by providing real-time information on parking space availability.

  • Photos – Display a library of images about your university. Integrates with Flickr, Instagram and Picasa.

  • QR Codes – Share important news, announcements, and other content around campus. In a snap, users can access information on the go.

  • Registrar – Enable students to select courses from the course catalog, add/drop courses, view student records, access student accounts and past grades and more. Connects with several of the most popular Student Information Systems (SIS).

  • Social – Provide aggregated mobile access to University social media feeds.

  • Transit – View bus or shuttle routes and schedules with optional real-time GPS tracking, ensuring everyone can get to class on time.

  • Uber – Easily integrate Uber functionality into your campus app, making safe and convenient transportation accessible to students at the click of a button.

  • Video – Provide mobile access to your university’s video content on YouTube, Brightcove or Vimeo.

  • Personas – Create a specific Persona just for prospective students that ties all your modules together.

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