With the Modo app platform, you can quickly and easily create an agile, scalable, and unified campus or workplace app. Take a phased approach to the app experience you want to deliver – seamlessly adding content, services, and integrations over time as your user engagement strategy evolves.

Unmatched Platform Agility

  • Out-of-the-box content-rich modules
    Get your app up and running in just days, no technical skills required
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  • no-code app building
    Reduce IT lift and empower citizen developers
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  • delegation
    Delegate and deploy with ease while maintaining control
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  • customization tools
    Unify multiple data sources and create hyper-personalized experiences
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  • NEAR-INFINITE integrations
    Unleash the full potential of your app with seamless integrations
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  • hosted by AWS and SOC2-certified
    We've got you covered with enterprise-grade security
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Robust Features & Capabilities

Remove the complexity of delivering a digital experience and unify your distributed workplace or campus with an easy to build and maintain hyper-personalized app.

  • Modo Publisher
    Create beautiful, dynamic, no-code app experiences with a system of professional designed screen templates.

    Create one-of-a-kind, branded experiences utilizing Publisher’s extensive design options with multiple screen types and building blocks - not technical skills needed. Our intuitive UI makes it easy to quickly assemble limitless combinations of dynamic content, navigation, and functionality into beautiful, highly customized screens in your application and publish updates instantly, without resubmitting to the app stores.

  • Modo Communicate
    Harness the power of mobile communication to engaging users with timely, personalized, and actionable information.

    A mobile app is the single most effective way to share timely information and keep all safe, connected, and engaged as we adapt to the ever-changing circumstance of Covid-19. With Modo Communicate you can send highly targeted and personalized messages, schedule notifications, and delegate authoring across your organization. Your end-users can view all pertinent messages through the Message Center, a unified and trusted hub for communications.

  • Modo Analyze
    Measures what matters most and gain real-time insight into user engagement to intelligently evolve your app.

    Modo Analyze gives you real-time insight into user engagement with your campus or workplace app and helps you become an expert on your audience and their needs. In a quick glance, you can gain deep insight into user behavior and trends, understand who is using your app and which device types and platforms are being used, preference for web browsers vs native apps, the number of authenticated users, traffic insight and much more.

  • Modo XModule & XComponents
    Leverage web services to drive contextualized, highly dynamic app functionality as part of the unified app experience.

    Programmatically create custom modules with exactly the content and structure you want while providing a unified app experience. From onboarding checklists to goal tracking, deliver in-the-moment access to the tools each employee needs for success. Assemble custom app features using web services and industry-standard protocols. Create individualized experiences, based on live data from multiple systems, that deliver real-time value to each user without manual updates.

  • Modo Desktop
    Extend your app experience to the desktop and engage users regardless of the device they're using, all with one application.

    Go beyond your users' smartphones and tablets with a desktop-focused experience that leverages the same Modo app and provides the right resources and actions for the larger screen. You can customize which app features appear on each device type, and delegate administration of each experience. Take it even further by powering your workplace kiosks with Modo, again only managing a single platform.

"The Modo platform provides scale, ease of use, as well as the flexibility to customize and develop code."
David Kozoyed
Executive Director, Enterprise Systems, Old Dominion University
An easy to use agile app building platform - Modolabs

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