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Looking to make the return to your office as smooth as possible? We’ve got you! 

Managing employee work areas during the pandemic is more important now than ever! Whether it involves saving a spot in your office or at a coworking center, or even just letting fellow employees know that you’ll be working from home, we have rounded up a list of desk reservation apps and platforms to help you decide what plug and go option is right for your organization.

Modo Workplace App

Modo Workplace is a low-code app building platform that goes beyond desk reservation — it delivers a single mobile experience that makes it easy for employees to navigate all aspects of the new hybrid workplace. They can quickly book desks, equipment and rooms, sync schedules with co-workers, access local transit and dining options, manage visitors and stay connected in real-time with relevant communications, all from one mobile app. It unites remote and in-office workers, teeing up the collaborations that drive innovation. Modo Workplace is a turnkey solution that helps employees make the most of their days while you make the most of your dynamic space.

Solutions for: Office, Coworking, Work-from-Home

Modo desk reservations

Key Features:

  • In-Office Schedule: From one screen, view your workday schedule, expand it to see buddies’ schedules and edit/cancel bookings. Set preferences for default office locations, meeting rooms and desks.
  • Collaborator Synch: See who’s working when/where and align your schedule and location. One click to confirm, cancel or edit. View, edit, add to and rearrange your pre-populated buddy list with ease.
  • Getting Around: Use interactive floorplans to find amenities, co-workers and desks. Integration with Mapspeople and Google enables outdoor to indoor navigation, search and filter capabilities. Mobile ID features turn smartphones into passports for touchless access to buildings, rooms and desks.
  • Room Reservations: Microsoft 360, EMS and Zoom integration help you manage hybrid meetings with the ability to select available meeting space based on location, attendee profiles and AV needs. Motion sensor integration can automatically release rooms if no physical presence is detected.
  • Messages and Alerts: Manage space utilization with nudge notifications asking employees to confirm reservations and/or opt to release bookings automatically unless confirmed before start time. Alert employees to office status changes and provide a central hub for information and communication by location and/or personas via Bluetooth beacons and geofences.
  • Process Orchestration: Integration with ServiceNow and other systems to enable creation of help desk tickets, work order approvals, and in-app searches of the knowledge base.
  • Accelerated Adoption: Pre-built features on top of a fully managed infrastructure let you launch and pivot quickly while infinite customization and smooth integration with enterprise systems mean you can keep using your existing booking systems and/or manage it all through the Modo platform.
  • A Holistic Approach Employees Love to Use: Unifies the entire workplace experience in one seamless app – there’s no need for employees to access different tools on different devices or learn multiple interfaces. It’s all in one place, one interface, on their phones.


  • Booking platforms including EMS, Zoom, Office 365, and G Suite, Microsoft 365 (Office 365)
  • Digital Signage for iOS, Android & Windows (hardware independent)
  • ServiceNow
  • Mapspeople
  • Google
  • Motion sensors
  • Near-infinite integration opportunities as you expand to a unified workplace experience app
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