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With the days of providing your information on a paper log becoming a thing of the past, now is the time to ensure that you have the right visitor management system (VMS) to accommodate the flow of visitors, contractors and employees coming through your space.

Modo Workplace

Using Modo Workplace, you can enable visitors to pre-register, complete a health self-assessment on the day of their arrival, and view a virtual tour of your office and critical information such as parking, and health and safety policies. Once they arrive you can leverage location-based notifications to alert visitors as they approach a parking garage, building, or even a floor, and guide them to their exact destination with live, turn-by-turn wayfinding.

Key Features:

  • Health self-assessments determine if the user should be able to visit the office; API webhooks inform backend access control and reporting platforms in real time
  • Providing a virtual tour of your office allows visitors to know critical information before they arrive, such as where to park, which door to use, and health and safety measures
  • Location-based notifications can alert app users as they approach a parking garage, building, or door with important instructions



Deployment: Cloud

Lead Time: An organization of any size can create a visitor experience within hours, and branded iOS and Android apps in users’ hands in as little as two weeks.

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