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University of Cincinnati, Fresno State and Stanislaus State join the University of Akron in driving student success with direct access to PeopleSoft registration, grades, financials in their campus apps

CAMBRIDGE, Mass (March 17, 2022) Modo Labs announced three more higher education institutions that are extending their Modo Campus apps to include direct access to Oracle’s PeopleSoft student information system. With this integration, students at University of Cincinnati, Fresno State and Stanislaus State will be able to register for classes, view schedules, add/drop classes, access financial transactions, check grades and more, as part of a unified campus app experience. They join the University of Akron in the trend toward elevating student success by centralizing PeopleSoft along with other tools and information students need within a modern, fast digital experience on mobile or desktop devices.

The popular Modo PeopleSoft integration was developed by RojoServe, acquired by Modo in January 2022. It enables students and faculty to access PeopleSoft functionality via Modo-powered campus apps, eliminating the step of having to search and download a separate application. The Modo PeopleSoft integration improves performance of PeopleSoft on mobile and preserves the detailed business logic universities invest in building to drive their PeopleSoft solutions. Modo demonstrated the integration at Alliance Conference this week.

At University of Cincinnati, integrating PeopleSoft into their Modo-powered Bearcat Portal was a key part of an overall vision to make it easy for students to complete required administrative tasks across their entire campus and academic experience, all from a single sign-on. Kasey Drennen, the University’s Director of New Student Orientation, said, “Now from one screen they can see a list of all the tasks they need to complete, from many different software systems including PeopleSoft – enrollment, housing, financial, everything, right in the portal, and handle them on the spot. It’s a huge improvement over sifting through dozens of email reminders and navigating different tools and systems. And it helps keep them from missing important deadlines.”

“This is a game changer for us, as our current PeopleSoft Student Center is not mobile friendly,” said a spokesperson for Fresno State on behalf of the Technology Services – Enterprise Applications, and Student Affairs/Enrollment Management teams that managed the project. “This integration provides a simplified mobile friendly interface allowing students to access critical information from their smartphones.”

“Students have had some mobile access to PeopleSoft functionality in the past, but we really wanted them to be able to quickly look at their schedules, accept their financial aid packages, and register for classes all within the app,” said Vickie Salisbury, Project Coordinator and Analyst in Stan State’s Office of Information Technology, who leads mobile app development for the university. “They’re on their devices so much, having that capability right in the app gives them a more straightforward, familiar way to access not only PeopleSoft, but events, Canvas, social media – everything they really need, all in one place.”

“Every campus uses multiple tools and information systems, and the campus app can be the unifying element for all of them,” said Modo Sr. Director, Product Management and Marketing Matt Willmore. “Research shows that one-tap access to information from their student information system, including PeopleSoft, is key to engaging students. Having more information that they can act on easily to make a decision, meet with their advisor, check their progress, change their major—this is where the power of a unified app meets the real needs of students. It removes potential barriers to their progress and contributes to their success.”

More than 300 colleges and universities use Modo’s platform to create campus apps that unite campus life and the academic journey, with tools for learning management, course enrollment, communications, health and wellness, event notifications and ticketing, tours, wayfinding, digital ID, food ordering and more.

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