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Pioneering chatbot developer will enable colleges and employers to provide real-time, personalized support to students and employees

CAMBRIDGE, Mass – November 8, 2021Modo Labs—the only low-code app building platform exclusively designed to deliver a digital campus and workplace experience—announced a new technology partnership with Mainstay (formerly AdmitHub), developer of a popular AI-enhanced chatbot used by hundreds of colleges and employers to provide 24×7 answers to common questions. College campuses and enterprise level companies require this kind of technology to be highly responsive to the questions their customers submit through their campus app.  <<Click to Tweet this news.>>

“When students and employees receive immediate help or responses to their questions, it greatly improves how they feel about their campus or their employer,” said Modo’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Matt Willmore. “By partnering with Mainstay, companies and campuses that use Modo can quickly employ highly functional AI-powered chatbots in their mobile app so that their stakeholders get immediate answers, focus on what they need to be successful, and consequently, feel that their campus or workplace is being responsive to their needs.”  

The Modo mobile app development platform is used by large-scale enterprises and higher education institutions to build their campus or workplace apps, which are essential to supporting an engaged community. On college campuses and in the workplace, students and workers rely on their app to navigate their campus or company life, socialize, and to stay safe and informed. 

Students and employees have questions at all hours of the day and night, but may be unsure of where and how to get answers. Mainstay chatbots respond immediately to questions and can generate automated check-ins, personalized responses, and timely reminders to keep students on track to graduate and to keep employees connected and engaged.

“At a time of so much uncertainty across the landscape of education and work, it’s critical that colleges and businesses prioritize timely, empathetic communication with their students and employees,” said Drew Magliozzi, Co-Founder and CEO of Mainstay. “This partnership is about giving organizations a more streamlined way to spark motivation, boost engagement, and help more people take the next step toward educational and career success.”

Modo provides the backbone that forward-thinking institutions and companies use to create immersive digital experiences necessary to engage mobile-native students and employees, to support mandated COVID protocols, and to motivate healthy behaviors. Today, the app is the hub for campus and work life to make it easier to communicate, assess wellness, and keep students or employees on track, productive, and motivated. 

About Modo
Modo is the only low-code app building platform exclusively designed to deliver a digital campus and workplace experience. Trusted by global Fortune 1000 brands and over 300 higher education institutions, the Modo platform powers unified app experiences that go beyond engaging to driving behavior and elevating each user to succeed. Modo’s Workplace and Campus solutions provide the agility for customers to quickly build, deploy, evolve, and scale tailored and branded experiences that keep everyone secure and connected, foster culture, and future-proof their organizations. Visit to learn more and request a custom demo. @ModoLabs

​​About Mainstay

At Mainstay, we believe one conversation can spark a brighter future. That’s why we’ve evolved the Engagement Platform we developed as AdmitHub to make it easy for colleges and businesses to start and measure conversations that drive action at scale. Everything we do – from our rigorous research methods to the ways we’ve built empathy and situational context into our conversational AI – is designed to help people take the next step toward achieving their goals.

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