Press Release Modo Unveils Modo 3, a New, More Powerful No-Code App Building Platform

Granular Deployment, Workspaces and Streamlined App Creation Transform How Leading Businesses and Universities Build their Workplace and Campus Apps

Cambridge, MA – September 24, 2019 –– Modo Labs®, the creator of the leading no-code app building platform for higher education and enterprise, today announced Modo 3. This next evolution of Modo’s industry-leading platform brings forth an intuitive app-building experience that allows anyone to become an app developer and create transformative, deeply engaging digital campus and workplace experiences.

The new Modo 3 platform allows participation of dozens or hundreds of administrators, in the app creation process, across any size organization, while maintaining firm governance over organizational content standards and controls.

Modo 3 highlights include:

  • Granular content and feature deployment: Admins now completely control when each change is deployed; and with intelligent pre-deployment checks, are informed of any related pending changes that should be deployed in tandem to deliver a seamless user experience.
  • New admin approval workflow: Editors with managed roles can quickly request approval for deployment of their changes. Admins have instant visibility to act on each request.
  • Agile workspaces for organizing, delegating, and deploying content: Admin can effortlessly build apps at scale by easily and instantly organizing and delegating app content with workspaces. Agile workspaces enables the grouping of related app elements that exist as part of a common app experience, such as an alumni persona, new student orientation, or multiple regional offices, and deploy the workspace with a single tap.
  • Intuitive and streamlined app creation interface and workflow: Modo 3 simplifies tasks, clarifies workflows and ensures that new capabilities, including granular deployment and workspaces, are intuitive to use and reflect an app building platform that works the way Modo’s customers do.

These and additional innovative capabilities are available in Modo Campus® and Modo Workplace® solutions today. Now Modo customers are empowered to scale app creation and deployment to domain experts across the organization, while allowing IT to efficiently manage admin roles and coordinate deployments.

Modo customers have already begun seeing how Modo 3 can substantially improve and streamline their app creation process. One of those customers, the University of Houston, plans to leverage workspaces and granular deployment in Modo 3 to save time and effort as they continue to expand their Modo-powered app, UH Go, to solve additional campus challenges.

“Modo 3 contains many new features to help us build and deploy our app at scale,” says Robert Birkline, Manager of Web Technologies at UH. “The ability to group content such as Housing and New Student Orientation into workspaces enables content owners to perform common tasks that more advanced users had to complete in previous versions. This is a major time-savings to both the content owner and the maintainers of the overall application. We are excited to take advantage of all the features and improvements in Modo 3 going forward.”

“Our customers engage domain experts across the entire organization to develop must-have experiences and to accelerate app evolution. Modo 3 is focused on meeting their need to maintain control as they build, deploy, and delegate at scale,” said Stewart Elliot, CEO of Modo. “Based on our extensive analysis of how our users leverage our platform, we have even further simplified app building and enhanced how our customers can collaboratively create next-generation digital campus and workplace experiences.”

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