Press Release Modo Labs and Badgr Highlight their Partnership with Multiple Successful Mobile Conference Experiences

Modo Labs, the leading mobile engagement platform in higher education, and Concentric Sky, makers of Badgr, are partnering to bring to life the next generation of personalized gamification.


Modo Labs, the leading mobile engagement platform in higher education, and Concentric Sky, makers of Badgr, have come together to launch the next generation of personalized gamification. The partnership was most recently on display at the 6th Annual Kurogo Conference, co-hosted by Modo Labs and Roosevelt University in Chicago, and at InstructureCon held in Keystone, CO in July.

At the Kurogo Conference, which brought together higher ed and technology leaders to enhance student success with innovative mobile-based solutions, Modo and Badgr created an immersive experience for attendees from over 100 institutions worldwide. By attending sessions, exploring Roosevelt University’s campus, and networking with peers, Kurogo attendees earned badges and awards throughout the three-day event. Then, for the second year in a row, Modo and Badgr partnered to create an in-app scavenger hunt at Instructure’s annual conference, InstructureCon, which took place July 22-24. The initial scavenger hunt launched to 85% attendee participation, with over 10,000 badges earned, while the Modo-powered conference app hosting the scavenger hunt realized over 100% adoption.

“We were inspired to partner with Modo Labs to create highly engaging badging experiences for conferences because it increases attendee interactions and excitement throughout the event,” said Wayne Skipper, Founder and CEO of Concentric Sky. “It’s a great experience for attendees and increases the value all stakeholders get out of the event. Together with Modo, we’re enabling event planners to easily guide their guests to key event areas, gain a better understanding of attendee engagement across sessions, and build experiences that tie back into a more formal learning context. It’s a data-driven approach to event design.”

Effective engagement at conferences is just the beginning. For example, key institutional objectives around recruitment, retention, and the tracking of co-curricular activities often fail to deliver when internal programs lack personalized motivators for students. Mobile-based badging and gamification not only provide this motivation, but make it fun and entertaining, all while engaging students where they feel most comfortable – on their mobile devices. In essence, mobile-based badging and gamification can drive learning experiences that create new paths for growth, incentivize students to maximize campus offerings, and increase the ability to measure the effectiveness of institutional initiatives.

Stewart Elliot, CEO of Modo Labs said: “The ability to see and track personal achievement creates a stronger campus culture where students are guided to a positive result, while empowered to own their success. Encouraging students to be self-starters and creating excitement around learning fosters an environment where students are inspired to achieve. Just as conference scavenger hunts drive event engagement, learning pathways can drive student engagement across the education lifecycle.”

Skipper said: “Student success begins with helping students create a vision for their own future. By gamifying real-world experiences and tying those back into meaningful learning pathways, we can help students visualize their learning journey and better understand what options they have for the future.”

About Modo Labs
Trusted by hundreds of universities and companies around the world, Modo Labs offers an enterprise-scale mobile engagement and communication platform that allows customers to quickly and easily create campus or workplace apps that engage students, staff, visitors, and prospects. By using Modo, our customers quickly unlock innovation and digitally transform their organizations by harnessing the domain skills of any person in their organization, regardless of technical skill set.

About Concentric Sky
Founded in 2005, Concentric Sky is an award-winning software development company located in Eugene, Oregon. Concentric Sky creates software solutions for a wide variety of prominent organizations around the world including The World Bank, The United Nations, Intel, National Geographic and Encyclopedia Britannica. The company’s Badgr platform is trusted by over 10,000 organizations in 38 countries and recently became the native badging solution for the Canvas LMS.

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