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Employees and students can now place food orders from campus/workplace dining services directly within their Modo-powered mobile apps

Cambridge, MA (November 22, 2021) Modo Labs today announced that it has extended its low-code app building platform designed exclusively for campuses and workplaces with the native integration of maeganTMTacit’s omni-channel food ordering solution. With this partnership, students and employees can order and purchase food from workplace and university dining services directly from within their Modo-powered apps. The integration also allows contactless payment and purchasing with student/employee card balances, which also drives revenue potential for in-house food options.

Integrating digital food ordering directly into a  campus and workplace mobile app streamlines the user experience by eliminating the added friction of having to use a third-party food ordering app. For enterprises and universities, like Penn State, extending the capabilities of the campus and workplace app brings them one step closer to a singular digital destination for students’ and employees’ essential needs. 

“Our goal is to deliver the best online experience for our students, faculty, staff, and guests,” said Mike Sherlock, Director IT for Auxiliary & Business Services, Penn State University. “Having Tacit as a native part of our Modo-powered campus app Penn State Go makes it the most convenient and innovative option for ordering food at Penn State.”

Modo’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Matt Willmore, said, “A unified app experience is not only a time-saver but it strengthens the relationship users have with their institutions. Tacit integrated into campus and workplace apps powered by Modo brings key capabilities right to the fingertips of students and employees. It’s exciting to work with development partners like Tacit, an innovative leader in this area.”

Tacit VP of Partnerships Dan Macadam added, “We’re looking forward to working in partnership with Modo Labs to further enhance the digital ordering experience for customers and operators alike.”

More than 300 colleges and universities use Modo’s platform to create campus apps that unite campus life and the academic journey, with tools for learning management, course enrollment, communications, health and wellness, event notifications and ticketing, campus tours, wayfinding, digital ID, and now online food ordering. 

About Tacit

Tacit is a leading provider of enterprise digital ordering solutions for the hospitality industry. Tacit helps transform the food and beverage ordering experience with an omni channel platform that supports digital ordering through mobile, web, kiosks, and 3rd party marketplaces.

About Modo

Modo is the only no-code app building platform specifically designed for the hybrid campus and workplace. Trusted by global Fortune 1000 brands and over 300 higher education institutions, the Modo platform powers unified app experiences that go beyond engaging to driving behavior and elevating each user to succeed. Modo’s Workplace and Campus solutions provide the agility for customers to quickly build, deploy, evolve, and scale tailored and branded experiences that keep everyone secure and connected, foster culture, and future-proof their organizations. Visit to learn more and request a custom demo.

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