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IFMA’s 2022 Facility Fusion Conference

Create Personalized Mobile-First Experiences for Your Campus - Modolabs

 Join Modo at booth #416 to learn how Goldman Sachs, Okta and Schneider Electric boost  productivity, collaboration, and space optimization as the return to offices takes shape.

Hosted by the association that has provided training, knowledge sharing and support to facility managers globally for more than 40 years, IFMA’s Facility Fusion conference is about building future-ready leadership skills. It’s about exploring what’s possible – for facilities, industry and careers. It’s about synthesizing ideas and industries for a new world of work. It’s about fusing methods and mindsets from both within and outside facility management to find answers. It’s about having the tools to adapt to rapid change.

Come by for a demo of our Modo Workplace Solution. We’ll help you build the roadmap to a digital experience personalized and localized for your unique workplace!

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