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A Fortune 100 management consultancy recognized early the power of a unified workplace app to support its consultants on the road and in its global offices, and launched a custom workplace app that became a critical resource for worldwide employees. Over time, the development and management required to extend it to provide all they envisioned became a burden, and they looked for a platform that would help them deliver innovative capabilities more quickly and easily.

With its many out-of-the-box features and low-code platform that enabled limitless integrations, Modo Workplace offered the solution they were seeking – both quick and feature rich. They’re now exploring the platform to extend their app to deliver experiences its workforce expects and enjoys.

Location-based experiences

Key to its on-the-move consultants, Modo’s location awareness means that everything people experience in the app – alerts, maps, tools, access, colleagues, schedules and more – is relevant to the particular office they’re in. Mobile alerts triggered by geofencing keep them informed in real time. The UI can even change to reflect whether people are in a company office or working remotely, showing them different options and information.

All the services of HQ, on the road

By integrating the firm’s in-house travel, expense and service systems into the app, consultants can make reservations, receive digital tickets, and do expense reporting directly in the app, vs having to sign in and out of different systems to complete related tasks. If they drop a laptop while on the road, they’re able to take a photo of the damage with their phone and file an IT ticket directly from the app, including the address of their hotel where they can receive a timely replacement.

An Innovative, Engaging In-Office Experience

As bringing people together to collaborate and connect is a key goal for the company, they are looking to extend their app to help people make the most of in-office time.

To encourage collaboration and drive productivity, the app enables employees to coordinate bookings for desks and workspaces with preset preferences and a list of frequent collaborators. They can choose when they come to the office, coordinate with colleagues, and create neighborhoods with their teammates —all inside the app.

Easy-to-use publisher tools help non-technical teams at the firm use the app to create company-branded events from onboarding to movie night, learning & development sessions, volunteering and more, to bring people together in the office.

Faster innovation and delivery

Modo’s low-code approach addressed directly the company’s desire to innovate more quickly and lighten the lift on internal developers. They’re able to invite subject matter experts to contribute and participate in expanding the app via agile workspaces, making it easy to delegate app development and manage content.

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