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Notre Dame Creates a Personalized Mobile Gateway

The University of Notre Dame is home to 8,500 undergraduate students, 4,000 graduate students, 1,300 faculty, and thousands of alumni, prospective students, and visitors.

When the university realized it was not fully engaging graduate students, faculty and other critical members of its extended campus community on its mobile app, it took action.

Determined to make the mobile experience as relevant and personalized as possible for all audiences, Notre Dame partnered with Modo to create a unified app for frequent campus visitors. Using Modo Campus, it created digital experiences tailored to the needs and interests of each user. As a result, the school can share persona-specific information in the app, expanding its reach beyond undergrad students, Notre Dame’s wider following now has always-on access to dynamic information such as course schedules, transit services, campus events, menu options, and facility updates, ensuring the best possible campus experience.

“It’s the best platform I’ve found for creating, managing, and providing a mobile experience to my campus.”

Marty Klubeck, University of Notre Dame

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