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Ivy Tech recognizes that students face challenges when attempting to finish their degree and understands they need encouragement and reminders to help them achieve their goals. To that end, the school uses technology to help students bridge their aspirations and achievements. Specifically, the team at Ivy Tech has implemented 2 key solutions.

First, they developed a solution to identify students who have not registered for the upcoming semester and automatically deliver to each of them a personalized notification with their name and a URL that is unique to them, effectively redirecting them to class registration. To accomplish this, the team leveraged the Modo Communicate API to deliver personalized notifications and track their effectiveness. Identifying the number of students that received the notification, read it, clicked on the link in the notification and finally, the ones that successfully registered for courses directly from the app. With personalized notifications Ivy Tech nudges their busy students to take actions and helps to keep them on track.

Second, they have prototyped a degree tracker on their campus app so students could see their program description and percentage of completion at a glance. To accomplish this, the team used Modo’s XComponent content tile for the degree tracker that allows institutions to deliver individualized information and live content to existing screens. When the tracker feature goes live on the campus mobile app, students will see a block at the top of their home screen every time they sign in displaying the percentage completion for their program of study. Ivy Tech can display this by pulling live and constantly updated data from their student information system into their unified campus app.

The result? Students know how far they’ve come and are encouraged to complete their degree.

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