These times are challenging for everybody, but nothing compares to the challenges that hospitals across the country and the world are experiencing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Huntington Hospital is using their workplace app to keep their entire staff of frontline workers connected and informed.

They have added two new main features to their app home screen, a COVID-19 information center and a Getting Through Things Together module. The COVID-19 info center provides access to the CEO’s daily updates which encompasses staff recognitions, departmental updates, HR support, videos on proper PPE usage, and much more. The Getting Through Things Together module points to stories and praise for staff doing outstanding work, a calendar of events for rounding including a Tea for the Soul with Chaplains, a photo gallery of the staff, and more.

Their challenge has always been how to effectively communicate to a broad, diverse staff with very divergent work hours which only increased with new safety precautions such as working remotely and social distancing being enforced. Huntington Hospital is also utilizing push notifications sent through the app sent to staff to highlight important events or announcements. During a crisis, Huntington Hospital believes it is even more important to remind people of their value and the commitment the hospital has to care for them as they work to care for our vulnerable population. The app serves as the perfect tool because it allows the sharing of information and relevant updates even when staff is not on the hospital campus or near a computer.

“Our primary goal is to approach staff from a variety of routes and to do our best to address their professional, physical, and psychosocial needs. We are a hospital focused on compassionate community care and our community begins with each other.” —Kimberly Sullivan, Medical Telemetry RN, Huntington Hospital

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