How to become a distributed campus or workplace

We have created this Coronavirus Resource Center to help you keep your students, faculty, staff and employees safe and connected as you shift to a distributed workplace and campus experience. We will share learnings from our robust community of mobile leaders and continue to update this site with best practices and essential tools to keep everyone safe, informed and engaged.

  • NEW Starter Kit: Our Crisis Response Starter Kit for COVID-19 is now available at no cost and ready to be added to your Modo app now

  • See our webinar, blogs, and best practices below, more updates to come...

    • The University of Findlay: Cohesive Communications
      Learn how Findlay’s cohesive communication strategy ensures their campus app is the trusted source for information during the COVID-19 crisis.
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      The University of Utah: Crisis Response Starter Kit
      See how the university quickly built a coronavirus crisis hub in their campus app to rapidly deliver up-to-date information and keep all connected, safe and engaged.
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      Mobile-first Leaders Know App Alerts Build Trust
      Leaders are going beyond email to real-time rich push notifications to reach users instantly with critical information.
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    • The Modo Crisis Response Starter Kit for COVID-19

      We have built a complimentary out-of-the-box solution to allow our customers to rapidly add critical information to a Modo Campus or Modo Workplace app.

      As the COVID-19 threat continues to spread, we are committed to helping our customers keep their now distributed campus and workplaces informed and connected.

      The new Crisis Response Starter Kit for COVID-19 includes Publish, News, Social, and Video modules and 8 additional screens, along with Quick Poll for Modo 3 customers.

      Modo customers can add the Crisis Response Starter Kit (at no charge), re-prioritize your home screen to focus on what’s most important to users right now, and deploy all changes instantly.

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      Instructions to install the starter kit are available in the Support Center.

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    • WEBINAR SERIES: How to become a distributed campus and workplace

      Keeping Students and Employees Connected and Engaged During COVID-19
      A campus or workplace app is a viable platform for unifying resources and communications. Join us to see how peers are adapting to rapidly shifting conditions and what resources are available to you.
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      Use Your App to Stay Connected and Minimize Risk During Critical Events
      Unlike email, your app is an always-on communication tool that users have in their pocket 24/7, especially in emergency situations. Learn how your peers are adapting their app experiences to inform and engage their communities during times of crisis.
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    • Blog: 4 Key Principles for Effective Crisis Communications

      Keeping your students and employees connected, informed, and safe is a top priority during critical events. Learn how a comprehensive communications strategy can minimize risk and reduce disruption.

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    Webinar: Keeping Students and Employees Connected and Engaged During COVID-19 | Apr 1st 2PM EST

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